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KNX Fan coil Controller, 0-10V
KNX Fan coil Controller, 0-10V

KNX Fan coil Controller, 0-10V

Output in 0-10V or 10A/105uF. Max. DC current switching capacity 16A/30V DC, 230V AC drive and 24V AC with 0-10V drive interface; three-wire PT1000 temperature sensor Interface. KNX functions including fan coil control, scene control (8 folds), outputs can be used as switch ones. Installation: DIN-rail Mounted

  • Support 2/4 pipes HVAC system

  • Can connect 2 wire or 0-10V valve type

  • Support Local or Bus control

  • Support three-wire PT1000 temperature sensor 

  • Support 2-point control or PI control  methods for local 

  • Support relay/0-10V drive fan, up to three level fan speed can be controlled 

  • HVAC mode can be set to standby mode, comfort mode, night mode and protect mode for local control

  • Relay as switch output if not used for fan and valve

  • Manual operation and LED indication for outputs

  • Bus voltage
    21-30V DC, Via KNX/EIB
  • Bus current
  • Bus consumption
  • Relay output rated voltage
    230V AC(50/60Hz)
  • Relay output rated current
  • 0-10V output voltage
    0-10V DC,with isolation
  • 0-10V output load current
    up to 1.5mA
  • PT1000 sensor measure Temp. range
  • Mode

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