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KNX/DALI Gateway, 1/2-Fold

KNX/DALI Gateway, 1/2-Fold

Dali telegram broadcast function, fault detection of lamps and ballasts of DALI devices. Max.64 DALI devices can be controlled (switch, dimming, brightness) each fold, 16 group control, 16 scene control. Support DCA APP in ETS or PC software configuration.
BTDG-01/64.1; BTDG-02/64.1
Product parameter
Weight: 0.25KG
Size: 72×90×64 mm
Operating voltage: 21-30V DC, obtained through
KNX bus
Bus quiescent current: 10.1mA/30V DC, 12.3mA/24V DC
Bus standby power: < 360mW
Auxiliary supply voltage: 100~240V AC,50/60Hz
DALI Output: 1/2 channel, Each channel
64 DALI devices
Single channel current: ≤250mA
Load voltage: 18.5V DC
Connection: EIB/KNX, KNX connection
terminal connection,0.8 mm Ø
Protection class: IP 20, EN 60 529
Design: Modular mounting equipment
Operation: – 5 °C ... + 45 °C
Storage: –25 °C ... + 55 °C
Transport: – 25 °C ... + 70 °C
Humidity: <93%, Except for condensation
Mounting: Mounted on a standard 35mm
DIN rail, DIN EN 60 715
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