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GVS Lighting Automation: The Ultimate Control of Your Environment

January 31,2024  |  By admin

What is Lighting Automation


Lighting Automation, also known as smart lighting control system, is a technology that uses advanced means to achieve precise control of lighting. It aims to bring unprecedented lighting experiences to modern spaces and create an energy-saving, efficient, convenient, and stable lighting environment for users.

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The smart lighting control system has diversified control capabilities, whether it's individual control of a single light or group control of multiple lamps, it can handle them all with ease. The system supports various control methods such as local control, centralized control, and remote control to meet different usage scenarios.


In addition, the smart lighting control system also has intelligent sensing functionality that can accurately sense human movement and behavior status, achieving intelligent control of lights. The system can automatically turn on and off lights based on day and night, bringing great convenience to users. It can also save energy and reduce operating costs, making it an essential part of modern lighting design and control.


Functions of GVS Lighting Automation

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  • Smart switching: With smart switching capabilities, GVS Lighting Automation allows for effortless control of individual and group lighting fixtures. Whether you're using a smart screen, smart panel, or mobile app, the system provides flexibility and convenience. With just one click, you can achieve lighting automation, saving time and energy.

  • Smart dimming: Smart dimming is another standout feature of GVS Lighting Automation. It allows for precise control of lighting brightness, ranging from 0~100%, and color temperature, spanning 2700-6500K. You can enjoy the full spectrum of colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple. This provides infinite possibilities for creating the desired lighting effect, whether it's for ambiance or task-based lighting.

  • Smart lighting by sensors: Smart lighting by sensors takes automation to the next level. The system automatically turns on the lights when people enter a space and turns them off when they leave. It's not just about saving energy; it's about creating a more intuitive and personalized experience. The sensors also adjust the lighting based on the time of day, automatically turning off the lights at dawn and turning them on at night. This intelligent perception of time and movement creates a responsive and dynamic lighting environment.

  • Smart lighting by scenes: Smart lighting by scenes offers an intuitive way to manage lighting requirements. Users can preset multiple scenarios in advance according to their needs. Whether it's for a relaxing evening at home or a busy workday in the office, all scene requirements can be easily accessed with one key. This allows for effortless transitions between lighting modes, making it simple to adapt the space to different activities and occasions.


Application fields of GVS Lighting Automation


Rail: Smart Rail Transit Solutions Make lighting control more intelligent and efficient. Read more

Airport: Based on GVS K-BUS smart control system technology. Provides energy-saving, efficient, stable, and sustainable capabilities.

Office: Our solution comprehensively meets the requirements of modern smart offices, achieving smart control over lighting constant illumination.

Industrial Park: Our solution adapts to the lighting requirements of different areas and scenes within the park.

Commercial Complex: The K-BUS intelligent control system enables remote control and management of lighting equipment in commercial complexes.

Museum: The K-BUS intelligent control system is greatly improves the efficiency of venue management while effectively reducing energy consumption.

Hotel: Our smart hotel solution provides intelligent lighting control based on different areas and scenes within the hotel.

Hospital: Our smart hospital solution provides intelligent ward solutions for inpatient departments, to assist with the hospital's intelligent upgrade.

School: We provide professional intelligent lighting solutions according to different teaching scenarios. 

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Cases of GVS Lighting Automation

  • Fairmont Abu Dhabi Marina Hotel Abu Dhabi: The implementation scope of the intelligent temperature control project includes 1400 rooms of the hotel, equipped with intelligent temperature control panel, the panel with temperature and humidity sensor, and central air conditioning or floor heating control through intelligent control system, so that the temperature of the room is always ideal. The comfortable living conditions, at the same time, guests can clearly see the temperature and relative humidity changes through the panel and customize the temperature and wind speed as needed.

  • National Museum of Estonia: It controls the lighting in the hall through the 5-inch screen and integrates various exhibitions and spaces with different levels of lighting to create rich lighting scenes to help people better feel the uniqueness of Estonia.

  • Hebalim Resort & Spa Hotel, Poland: Located in the forest on the shores of Lake Chomi skie in Poland, the Heblim Resort & Spa hotel offers a quiet, eco-friendly accommodation and plenty of leisure and wellness facilities for the world's most sought-after guests. The hotel's ingenious combination of GVS AV's Complete intelligent control system brings many "fantastic" changes to the hotel.


GVS Lighting Automation Related Products

  •  K-BUS(KNX): K-BUS (KNX) plays a central role in connecting and controlling lighting automation, providing users with an efficient and intelligent lighting solution.

  • Video Intercom: By combining lighting and communication functions, it provides users with a more efficient, convenient, and intelligent way of interaction.

  • WIFI Thermostat:Through the cooperation with the smart lighting system, WiFi Thermostat provides users with an intelligent, comfortable, and energy-saving way to regulate lighting and temperature.

  • TFT LCD Panel: Through providing intuitive operation interfaces, real-time status displays, and high-quality visual effects, TFT LCD Panel enables users to better manage and regulate the lighting system, creating a comfortable and intelligent lighting environment.


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