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GVS Provides High-quality Intelligent Lighting Control System

July 22,2020  |  By admin

Intelligent lighting is accelerating to integrate into the smart home, outlining a new intelligent lifestyle for global consumers. In smart building projects, intelligent lighting is also widely used. Given that,people pay more and more attention to it, which drives a growing demand for intelligent lighting. Although it is profitable, GVS is committed to ensuring the high quality of intelligent lighting control system for smart building solutions. 


On January 30, 2020, the nominees of KNX Awards 2020 was announced by KNX, two of which applied the intelligent lighting control system of GVS. One is "Metro Transportation with 21 stations", and the other is the "Beijing Daxing airport intelligent lighting control system". These two projects show powerful strength and rich experience of GVS in airport and subway lighting projects. 


Metro intelligent lighting solution

At present, GVS is the intelligent lighting system provider for the whole line of rail transit projects in China. With K-BUS intelligent lighting control system, GVS has successively enabled rail transit projects in Guangzhou, Jinan, Meizhou, Guiyang, Foshan, and other major cities.


The metro line 21 opened on December 20, 2019, is no exception. Relying on the integrated monitoring system, the metro intelligent lighting solution of GVS can save more than 30% of the electric energy compared with the traditional electric installation stations. Also, the KNX time controller makes automatic time control possible. With four modes (normal, power-saving, fire, and outage mode) to choose, the subway can adapt to various scenes. The lights or other electrical equipment will match the operation of the subway in different modes, which can be realized by a switch through centralized control.


Smart airport solution

GVS carries the K-BUS intelligent building control system to optimized the lighting system of Beijing Daxing International Airport. The system includes smart products such as actuators with current detection switch and bus power supply. They help realize the intelligent control of the lighting in the whole station of Beijing Daxing International Airport. Especially, the high pole lights of the stand and the stand signs are kept in good performance under the intelligent building control. 




The smart airport solution of GVS improves and perfects the intelligent control of lighting in large scenes like Beijing Daxing International Airport. It makes the management of airport electrical facilities simple and easy. The lighting under high precision, multi-terminal control is much more intelligent, contributing to energy saving and consumption reduction.


The one-time acceptance rate of projects conducted by GVS reaches 100%. Until now, GVS has been committed to providing high-quality intelligent lighting solutions for airports and subway stations.

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