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Development Analysis of Touch Panels in the KNX Smart Home Market

February 03,2024  |  By admin

As of 2022, the global market size for KNX products was USD 6178 million, projected to reach USD 19314.81 million by 2031 with a forecasted CAGR of 13.5%, according to a report by Business Research Insights. Despite a remarkable growth rate in the KNX market over the past two years, it still falls short of the 21% CAGR observed in the global smart home market. However, this indicates a promising future for the KNX market.


And touch panels, which serve as the core of smart home visualization and user interaction, play a crucial role in manifesting a company's R&D capabilities in the smart home industry. They may not be the most tech-savvy products in a company's catalog, but they definitely play a significant role in development by being the interactive center. From HVAC to smart lighting, every little gadget has to speaks to the touch panel for being readable and hence, be controlled.


Market Demand for Control Panels


Growing Demand for Home Centralized Control:

In modern homes, the increasing number of smart devices has rendered traditional switches cumbersome. These switches not only occupy significant space but are also scattered across various corners, complicating user control. Managing diverse aspects like lighting, temperature, and security becomes cumbersome with switches placed in different locations.

Increasing Number of Control Products in the Industry:

The burgeoning demand for smart home solutions has led to a surge in central control screen products. Manufacturers actively promote and advance screen-based products to meet the evolving needs of modern households.

Increasing Acceptance of Control Products Among End Users:

As the demand for smart home solutions rises, central control screens have become pivotal in users' product choices. Seeking advanced functionality and seamless integration, consumers now consider central control screens a key element in the evolving landscape of smart home preferences.

GVS Smart Touch S7: An All-in-One Solution for KNX Smart Home Systems

Taking these factors into account, GVS has introduced a cutting-edge smart home touch screen. It addresses the growing market demand for both functionality and aesthetics.


Aesthetic Appeal:

The Smart Touch S7 boasts a fresh design and intuitive UI. The 6.9-inch screen with a resolution of 1440x720P, IPS technology, and an AF anti-fingerprint film provides a vibrant display. With 16 million colors and a wide viewing angle of 165 degrees, the device's status is crystal clear. The ultra-slim 4mm top and bottom edges contribute to an 82% screen-to-body ratio, offering a sleek and immersive visual experience.

S7 - 1.png

Integrated Function:

Powered by a quad-core CPU with 2+8GB and running on the Android OS, it offers real-time monitoring of indoor conditions through light, temperature, and humidity sensors. This provides valuable insights for informed decision-making. With KNX bus communication, the system ensures accessible device control, outperforming wireless alternatives. The Smart Touch S7 integrates a KNX screen with intercom and gateway functions, providing a multifunctional experience. Users enjoy enhanced control privileges, from custom homepages to local scheduling and customizable keypad functions, ensuring a personalized touch for every user.


Above all, the major surprise of the S7 is its 1+N modular design. With its main touch panel as the core component, homeowners can easily switch extensions with multiple choices, such as a decorative metal strip or keypad extension and rotary knob extension. Furthermore, users have various colors to choose from, adding to its versatility.

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