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GVS New Project | Smart Lighting Solution for Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant

July 10,2023  |  By admin

GVS has launched a new project to provide Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant with a smart lighting solution. This innovative solution aims to enhance the efficiency and safety of the power plant's operations by utilizing intelligent lighting technology. The system is designed to automatically adjust the lighting levels based on factors such as the time of day, weather conditions, and personnel presence. 

Project: Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant

Location: Wanning City, Hainan, China

Site Area: 10.0236 hectares, with 40,153.14 square meters total building area

Applied System: GVS K-BUS Smart Control System (KNX)

Products:4/8/12-KNX Switch Actuator, KNX 640mA Power Supply, KNX Line Coupler, KNX Presence Sensor, KNX Smart Touch V50, Management Software Platform, etc.

Achieved Functions: Smart Lighting, Group Light Control, Centralized Control, Scene Control, Automatic Detection, etc.

Smart Lighting

The Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant

The power plant plays a dual role in peak regulation for both electricity and gas supplies, providing high-quality power guarantees for Hainan Free Trade Port, the North-South centered city, as well as national-level conference facilities such as Boao. It is also of great significance for building a green and clean energy plant and an ecological civilization pilot zone, while supporting the realization of China's goals for carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Constructed as a digital power plant, Datang Wanning has leveraged integrated smart technology to introduce the GVS K-BUS smart lighting system, creating a safe, efficient, and energy-saving lighting environment that has greatly promoted operational and management efficiency, while supporting a solid foundation for the operation of the power plant.

Smart Lighting

With a high-stability system and high-quality products, Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant is able to withstand extreme weather tests.

Located in Wanning City, Hainan Province, at the southern end of China, the power plant is subject to typical high-temperature and high-humidity climate, and is vulnerable to extreme weather such as typhoons. In addition, the special environment imposes high requirements on the heat resistance and stability of all smart lighting equipment used in the entire plant.

The high stability and safety of the GVS K-BUS smart lighting control system have been verified in many large-scale building projects around the world.

The KNX Switch Actuator and KNX Line Coupler used in Datang Wanning Gas Power Plant have undergone a series of rigorous tests, including high and low temperature, humidity, hot and cold shock, anti-static, and electromagnetic compatibility, to ensure stable product performance and reliable quality, and have strong adaptability to complex environments.

Smart Lighting

The lighting fixtures throughout the entire plant are now can be controlled through GVS K-BUS Smart Control System

Traditional power plant inspections require a significant investment of manpower and time, and involve certain safety risks. With the expansion of power plant scale and equipment complexity, traditional inspection methods no longer meet the needs of modern power plants.

The lighting fixtures at the main plant, network operations center, complex building, boiler auxiliary workshop, chemical water joint workshop, maintenance workshop, circulating water room, hydrogen station, power tower, and fire station, covering a total area of 10.0236 hectares and a total construction area of 40,153.14 square meters, are now under intelligent control to improve operational efficiency and facilitate energy management.

Smart Lighting

Visualized centralized management and control enables unified management of massive equipment.

With the help of central control management software, remote centralized management and control is possible, reducing the frequency of patrol personnel going outside and alleviating their workload.

Multi-circuit lighting fixtures can be turned on or off with one click

and current detection enables real-time monitoring of the lighting fixtures working status. In the event of equipment failure, personnel will receive a red warning light, and a visualized partition interface enables quick identification of the fault location, assisting power plant management personnel in timely detection and resolution of problems. This helps to prevent downtime and operational losses caused by equipment failures.

Smart Lighting

One-click all-on or all-off saves time and energy

V50 Smart Touch (horizontal) are installed above the distribution box and at the entrance of the functional room, enabling local control of lighting fixtures in each area. When leaving the room, one click is all it takes to turn off all lights.

Smart and energy-saving go hand in hand

Equipped with presence sensors, the GVS smart control system can automatically detect human activity and, in conjunction with routine inspection work, achieve the function of automatically turning lights on when people are present and turning them off when people leave.

In addition, by setting timers for turning lights on and off through the central control software platform, different lighting modes can be automatically activated for high-repetition usage scenarios during different time periods, resulting in significant energy savings.

Smart Lighting

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