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GVS Smart Hotel Solution

January 28,2024  |  By admin

Introduction to the Smart Hotel

A Smart Hotel is an integration of intelligent technologies into various areas and scenarios of the hotel, providing guests with efficient, comfortable, and convenient accommodation experiences. Smart hotels create a warm and secure accommodation environment for guests through intelligent facilities and services, such as smart sensing, preset or central control, and smart dimming.

GVS smart hotel solution offers intelligent lighting control tailored to different areas and scenes within the hotel. This creates an energy-efficient, comfortable, and highly efficient hotel automation solution that enhances both the quality of the hotel and the guest experience.

Smart Hotel.jpg 

Applications of the Smart Hotel

  • Hotel Lobby: By utilizing GVS intelligent dimming, the lobby maintains a stylish and comfortable lighting atmosphere, leaving a wonderful first impression on guests.

  • Leisure Center: Hotel leisure centers such as restaurants, bars, and other areas have a wide variety of lighting equipment, and require high-quality lighting adjustments. GVS smart hotel solutions can easily solve control issues for high-power dimmable devices, allowing light and shadow to move freely according to your preferences.

  • Public Areas: The hotel atrium, public corridors, and stairwells are often overlooked areas, but GVS provides intelligent solutions such as motion sensing, pre-setting, or centralized control to properly plan the lighting in these areas, allowing guests to appreciate the quality of the hotel from the details.


Advantages of the Smart Hotel

Smart hotel guest control systems help hotels achieve revenue and cost savings, and achieve significant comprehensive energy-saving benefits. By utilizing intelligent network remote control of air conditioning terminals in guest rooms and public areas, intelligent control and energy-saving of air conditioning can be achieved, bringing considerable economic benefits to the hotel. At the same time, inductive smart power switches read card data through smart clouds and gateways, transmit it to the system to identify the identity of the cardholder, and set different control permissions for personnel of different identities to effectively eliminate illegal electricity use. By utilizing intelligent control of equipment such as temperature, humidity, doors and windows, lighting, air conditioning, music, TVs, networks, electric curtains, and air purifiers in guest rooms, energy-saving and consumption reduction can be achieved.

Smart facilities comprehensively improve hotel management levels. The intelligent facilities can fully monitor the status of guest services and respond promptly to guest needs. When guests request cleaning or check-out, the system can promptly display and notify the staff, providing efficient and convenient intelligent services for guests. At the same time, the system software objectively records the response of service personnel for evaluation and management by the hotel, improving service levels.

Smart hotels provide more personalized service and a safer and more comfortable environment for guests. Through remote network control, guests feel at home when checking in. Smart guest rooms can switch between sleep, reading, and entertainment modes to meet guests' individual needs. The design of the weak current operation panel is beautiful and easy to install, facilitating hotel maintenance and ensuring guest safety. Smart hotels bring guests comfortable, convenient, and safe accommodation experiences with technological strength.


Enhance brand image: The technological and intelligent features of smart hotels can attract more guests who pursue a sense of technology, enhancing the brand image of the hotel. At the same time, high-quality service and comfortable accommodation environments can also make guests leave a deep impression on the hotel.


Classic Smart Hotel Cases

Xi'an Xinxing Wendy's Garden Hotel: GVS Vision has adopted multi-scene multi-channel energy-saving strategies to create a new energy-saving and efficient operation management solution for Xi'an Xinxing Wendy's Garden Hotel through K-BUS intelligent building control systems for intelligent control of public area lighting.

Xi'an Xinxing Wendy's Garden Hotel.jpg 

Guangzhou Tianlun Hilton Hotel: The K-BUS control equipment of GVS Vision integrates intelligent lighting control, temperature control, timing control, remote control and other functional advantages, playing an essential role in the comfort, energy saving, safety, and efficiency of the hotel.

Guangzhou Tianlun Hilton Hotel.jpg 

Athens Junyue Hotel: GVS Vision has provided Athens Junyue Hotel with smart touch panels, smart temperature control panels, room controllers and other products based on the KNX protocol to achieve functions such as intelligent lighting, dimming, mobile sensing, temperature control, curtain control, scene control, etc., bringing healthy, comfortable, convenient, and energy-saving accommodation experiences to guests.

Athens Junyue Hotel.jpg 


Smart Hotel Related Products

  • K-BUS (KNX): plays a pivotal role in the smart hotel. It enhances the comfort, energy efficiency, security, and operational efficiency of the hotel through integrated smart lighting control, temperature control, and scheduling control.

  • Video Intercom: plays a crucial role in the smart hotel, providing secure and convenient communication. It offers high-definition video calling capabilities, facilitating real-time communication between guests and the front desk or room service, enhancing the guest experience.

  • WIFI Thermostat: plays a significant role in the smart hotel, enabling guests to remotely control the room's thermostat via wireless internet connection, for intelligent temperature regulation and enhanced comfort.

  • The TFT LCD Panel: plays a crucial role in the smart hotel, displaying information, providing entertainment, and facilitating communication. It offers a clear and vivid visual experience for guests.


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