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KNX Gateway for Tuya ZigBee
KNX Gateway for Tuya ZigBee

KNX Gateway for Tuya ZigBee

KNX Gateway for Tuya ZigBee as the interface between KNX system and Tuya ZigBee system, realizing the connection between the Tuya ZigBee ecosystem and the KNX system. Based on the gateway, it can easily control the KNX devices with Tuya APP, and upload status information of KNX devices to Tuya platform, for monitoring and managing the devices conveniently

  • As a ZigBee Gateway function, it can connect to Tuya Cloud, and add ZigBee device of Tuya ecosystem to the cloud

  • Support uploading KNX devices to Tuya platform for management, to control KNX device and display status

  • Support KNX devices functions, including Switch, Dimming, Curtains, Scenes, Colour and Colour temperature control, Audio control, HVAC control(Room temperature control, Air conditioner and Ventilation system), multiple sensors(Air Quality,Temperature and humidity, Brightness, Gas, I/O signal and etc.), and Current, Energy Metering display

  • Logic functions

  • Bus voltage
    21-30V DC,via the KNX bus
  • Bus current
    <4.5mA, 24V ;<4mA, 30V
  • Bus consumption
  • Voltage
    12-30V DC
  • Current
    <60mA,24V ;<50mA,30V
  • Consumption
  • KNX
    Bus connection terminal(Red/Black)
  • Auxiliary Supply
    Bus connection terminal(Yellow/White)
  • LAN
    RJ45 socket for 100 Mbit and 10 Mbit BaseT, IEEE 802.3 networks
  • Antenna
    Rubber rod antenna or extension antenna
  • Operation
    – 5 °C ... 45 °C
  • Storage
    – 25 °C ... 55 °C
  • Transport
    – 25 °C ... 70 °C
  • Humidity
    <93%, except dewing
  • Design
    Standard 35mm DIN rail installation
  • Dimension
    36 x 90 x 64mm
  • Weight

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