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KNX Button Smart 3-Gang with Display, 55mm

KNX Button Smart 3-Gang with Display, 55mm

LCD display, resolution 240*240, built-in temperature & Humidity sensor, 2-fold input interfaces. It can be used as push button sensor/multifunction thermostat/audio control. For push button control: 3 control pages, 4 buttons each page, fulll KNX functions including switch, dimming, shutter, scene control, value sending, RGB,RGBW,Color Temp. control,shift register, RTC operation, multiple operation, delay mode. Max. 8 group event, 8 logic functions. For thermostat: support fan coil Conrtol, VRF control, floor heating and ventilation. For auido control, support song information display. Installation: wall mounted, fits in 86*86mm and German double-60mm wall boxes.
CHPBL-03/00.1.00 (White glossy finish); CHPBL-03/00.2.00 (White matt finish); CHPBL-03/00.2.01 (Black matt finish)
Product parameter
Weight: 0.05kg
Dimension: 76.8 x 76.8 x 19.3 mm
Bus voltage: 21-30V DC, via the KNX bus
Bus current: <18mA, 24V; <15mA, 30V
Bus consumption: <450mW
Input: 2 external inputs, as dry contact
input or 10K NTC input
Connection: KNX,Bus connection terminal
Input: A three-wires connection terminal,
cable length <5m
Operation: –5 °C ... + 45 °C
Storage: –25 °C ... + 55 °C
Transport: – 25 °C ... + 70 °C
Humidity: <93%,except for dewing
Proximity sensor: Normal sensitivity
approximately 15cm
Enhanced sensitivity approximately 30cm
Mounting: In a conventional 80 or 86 mm
wring box
Everything You Need for A Smart Home
Versatile And Rich in Fuction
Can be used as a smart control panel, three-in-one temperature control panel, and background music control panel.
Screen-Key Integration
Combining screen display with key controls for quick and effective operations.
Built-in Temp/Humidity Sensor
Built-in external input interfaces for connecting dry contact panels, sensors, or temperature sensors.
Proximity Sensing
Integrated proximity sensor, screen activates upon detection.
Built-in System Lock
Pressing any key can trigger specific scenes, and unauthorized individuals cannot operate the device.
Supports KNX Secure
Adhering to advanced encryption standards, providing comprehensive protection for user data security and home privacy.
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