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Exploring Market Demand in the KNX Smart Home Industry for Dimming Actuators

January 26,2024  |  By admin

In the ever-evolving landscape of smart home solutions, dimming actuators play a pivotal role in crafting advanced lighting systems. Selecting the right dimming actuator is crucial for ensuring optimal functionality and performance. This article delves into the burgeoning market demand for dimming actuators, unraveling their essential role and uncovering the potential they hold.

Realizing Market Demand: Adaptive Lighting Solutions and Dynamic Scene Configurations

Before delving deeper into dimming actuators, it's crucial to understand two key concepts: Adaptive Lighting Solutions and Dynamic Scene Configurations.

In the past, lighting applications focused on ensuring suitable visual conditions, often in a static manner. However, advancements in LED and controls technology have made adaptive lighting solutions possible. Dynamic Scene Configurations serve as the tool to achieve adaptive lighting solutions. The demand for such solutions is escalating, driven by the need for energy-efficient, customizable, and intelligent illumination in both residential and commercial spaces.

Technological Exploration: SCR Dimming vs. MOSFET Dimming


SCR Dimming:

SCR Dimming, also known as leading-edge dimming, is a lighting control method that exclusively supports dimming at the leading edge of the AC waveform. It controls a single circuit independently, but it comes with certain limitations. SCR dimming requires a higher startup voltage, leading to relatively coarse dimming. It may have compatibility issues with certain loads and is associated with overheating concerns. Additionally, in low-power situations, instability flickering, or difficulties in turning it off may occur. Despite these limitations, SCR dimming is commonly employed in medium to high-power circuits for its strong anti-interference capability.


MOSFET Dimming:

MOSFET Dimming, utilizing Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor technology, supports both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimming. This provides greater versatility as it can be parallel connected to increase load capacity. Unlike SCR dimming, MOSFET dimming allows adjustable startup voltage, ensuring finer dimming with diverse load compatibility. It generates less heat, particularly in trailing-edge dimming, and runs stably without noise concerns. MOSFET dimming offers enhanced control, allowing complete on and off, making it suitable for low to medium-power circuits. While it has a slightly weaker anti-interference capability compared to SCR dimming, it still performs adequately.

Market Trends and GVS's Response:

Now, the market is increasingly embracing MOSFET dimming, which is more popular than SCR dimming globally. This trend influenced GVS's development of the KNX Universal Dimming Actuator 220V Series. Three key reasons drove this development:

- Current 2/4-Fold SCR dimmers have compatibility or noise issues and are not user-friendly.

- The current SCR dimmer has limitations on dimmable loads, while an increasing number of higher loads require dimming (220V dimming will be a good option).

- GVS mini devices will now include a mini dimmer, in addition to the current mini switch actuator.

The KNX Universal Dimming Actuator 220V Series by GVS stands out in this dynamic market with its compact size, rich functionality, and high compatibility. Designed for diverse installations, it seamlessly integrates into 60mm/86mm wall boxes, supporting 220V/230V/240V, 50/60Hz power supply.


As the demand for adaptive lighting solutions grows, the choice between SCR and MOSFET dimming becomes pivotal. The KNX Universal Dimming Actuator Series 220V by GVS emerges as a compelling solution, combining technological versatility with market-driven features, ensuring a seamless integration into the evolving landscape of smart home solutions.

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