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GVS New Project | Moko B4 Carpark

November 23,2023  |  By admin

Project Name                     Moko B4 Carpark 

Location                             Hong Kong

Project category                Commercial

Project type                       New project 

Year of completion            2023

GVS Projects

GVS Projects

Project characteristics

KNX smart control system is adopted for the purposes of:

-Energy saving, user friendly and comfort 

-The system can access by facility management intranet (wifi network)

-Graphic user interface for control, monitoring with energy data

The project includes the integration of the KNX system for controlling lighting, jet fans in the parking area, and air-conditioning in the lift lobby. To ensure a healthy environment, air quality sensors are installed in both the parking area and lift lobby. Additionally, motion sensors are placed in the electric room and lift lobby for efficient control.

Product used

GVS KNX multifunctional actuator

GVS KNX PIR motion sensor

GVS KNX air quality sensor

3rd party energy meter

Applications used

Lighting: Switching, Dimming, Light Scenes, Automatic Occupancy Detection, Constant Light Control

Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control, Automatic 

Occupancy Detection , Ventilation, CO2 / Humidity / Temp Measuring, Air Quality Detection, 

Operation and Visualisation: PC Visualisation, Web Servers

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