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GVS New Project | Office Showroom by Using KNX

November 23,2023  |  By admin

Project Name                     Office Showroom by Using KNX

Location                             Hong Kong

Project category                Commercial

Project type                       New project 

Year of completion            2023

Office Showroom by Using KNX

Office Showroom by Using KNX

Project characteristics

This smart office showroom is centered on the implementation of the KNX control system, serving multiple purposes:

-Enabling energy savings, user-friendly interfaces, and enhanced comfort for a smart office environment.

-Acting as a showcase for customers to experience the functionality of the KNX control system.

-Providing space for testing, trials, and demonstrations of new products.

Integrated Control:

The project focuses on the integration of the KNX control system to effectively manage lighting, shading, and air-conditioning in the office. Leveraging the Apple Home app gateway, the KNX system enables seamless control of cameras and smart TVs through the app and Siri voice commands.

Smart Lighting:

To create comfortable working environments, the office was implemented with tunable white DALI dimmable LED lighting in the showcase area. This allows for the creation of different scenes and moods to showcase the versatility of smart lighitng solutions. Additionally, the lighting system receives signals from a 3rd party dual-technology occupancy sensor installed at the lift lobby, ensuring accurate detection and efficient energy management.

Environmental Detection:

The project is designed with the prioritization of the well-being of occupants by incorporating an air quality sensor into our system, continuously monitoring and maintaining a healthy working environment. This feature ensures optimal air quality for enhanced productivity and comfort.

Product used


GVS KNX Universal Dimming Actuator 

GVS KNX multifunctional actuator

GVS KNX binary input module

GVS KNX power supply

GVS KNX Smart Touch V40

GVS KNX air quality sensor

3rd party KNX air-conditioning IR control module

3rd party dual technology occupancy sensor

Applications used

Lighting: Switching, Dimming, Light Scenes, Automatic Occupancy Detection, Constant Light Control, Lighting Colour Control

Blind and Shutter Control: Individual Control, Preset Positioning , Automatic Programs

Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning (HVAC): Central & Automatic Control , Automatic 

Occupancy Detection , CO2 / Humidity / Temp Measuring, Air Quality Detection.

Office Showroom by Using KNX

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