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How Android Intercom Makes Our Home Smarter?

June 16,2023  |  By admin

The GVS' upcoming new products, the Smart Touch S3 and S7, were developed on the Android system. With the strong scalability and compatibility, S3 and S7 can integrate smart home systems, building intercom systems, and mobile devices through the SIP protocol, enabling intercom functionality based on the Android system. This allows you to manage visitors and communicate with them through intercom anytime, anywhere, using just your mobile phone. In another word, to achieve android intercom. 


Android intercom 

What is Android Intercom and why we use it?

Android Intercom, including Android Video Phone integration, is a software-based system enabling seamless voice, video, and text communication among devices on the same network. Connect all devices within the network effortlessly and experience enhanced communication and convenience.


This means that all the smart devices you use, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, smart home control, and even your car, can be used to intercom as long as they are connected to the same local network and there is software to supports it.


Using the SIP protocol, the Smart Touch S7 can enable various functions in your smart home life. For instance, When visitors come to visit, the house owner can communicate with the visitors outside the door/entrance of the building through the indoor unit, unlock and call the elevator with one key (optional); When outside of home or inconvenient to answer by indoor monitor, the house owner can also remotely open the door through the "Smart Door phone" App on mobile phone.

SIP Protocol Intercom 

From a software perspective, Android intercom is a cost-effective and flexible solution for intercom systems. It includes voice, video, and text communication capabilities and is efficient, convenient, secure, and scalable. When developing a smart room system that involves a plethora of manufacturers' products and multiple protocols, it's hard to overlook the benefits that Android intercom brings to the table.


How does the S7 utilize SIP Protocol to enable communication between devices and the building intercom system?


The full name of SIP is "Session lnitiation Protocol", which is an IP voice session control protocol originated from the Internet. lt can be used to establish various sessions such as audio, video, and multi-party calls, and can also be used to transfer instant messages and files. Consolidating all disparate media types and technologies into a unified communications platform enables efficient management and reduces costs. But, the most important feature of SIP protocol is it supports multiple protocol types.


Unlike other video intercom and smart home control systems, the Smart Touch S7 supports the SIP protocol, which means you don't need additional wiring or installation to integrate the intercom system into your smart home.


Smart room intercom 

Such intergration can realize more functions for your smart home life. For instance, the indoor unit can record and leave messages and send straight to your smart devices. And you can set the indoor unit as do-not-disturb on your tablet, then the device will be mute when there are calls in.


In conclusion, Android intercom is a powerful technology that enables seamless communication between devices on the same network, making it easier to manage visitors, access homes remotely, and enhance the overall smart home experience.

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