IP video door phone

  • Full-digital system with stable & secure data transmission.

  • POE power supply, project wiring distribution is simple and convenient.

  •  IP address generates after automatic mapping, convenient for debugging and maintenance.

  •  Led by experienced experts, focusing on the development of video door phone products and related accessories, with mature ODM/OEM production management experience.

  •  All products experience and pass software test, performance test, reliability test, environmental test, PCBA automated test and related certification test.

  • Integration of design, manufacturing and service, facilitating quality control and efficient handling of pre-sales and after-sales problems.


  • Digital Intercom

    Visitors call indoor station through outdoor station, and residents can make clear video calls through the indoor station with visitors. Digital audio & video transmission is more stable and reliable.
  • Community Video Surveillance

    Residents and management center can not only monitor outdoor station and gate station, but also add the IP camera gateway in the intercom LAN, as well as monitor the community IP camera.
  • Smart Home Linkage

    By docking the smart home system, the linkage between video intercom and smart home system can be realized, which makes the product more intelligent.
  • Networked Security Alarm

    The device has alarm function for drop-off and anti-dismantle. In addition, there’s emergency alarm button in indoor station with defence zone port. The alarm will be reported to management center and PC, to realize the network alarm function.
  • Elevator Linkage

    Both indoor station and outdoor station have elevator linkage function. User can realize elevator linkage function by clicking elevator call, swiping card and password unlock.
  • Access control

    Outdoor station can realize password/swiping/remote unlock, and support the connection of electromagnetic/electrical locks.
  • Face recognition, cloud intercom

    Support face recognition unlock, face photo being uploaded to public security system can realize network security, provide security for community. Cloud intercom APP can realize remote control, call, unlock, which provides convenience for residents.

Programme value

ip door phone

  • Improve security for residential 

  • Enhance comfort for residents

  • Enhance intelligent experience for the community and villa

  • More convenient property management

  • Simplify installation, save costs

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