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GVS S-series Video Intercom System

August 04,2023  |  By admin


Standard SIP Protocol | Plug and Play Cloud Intercom | Integration of Intercom & Smart Home

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Standard SIP Protocol Open and Flexible Easy Extendable

The full name of SIP is "Session Initiation Protocol", which is an IP voice session control protocol originated from the Internet. It can be used to establish various sessions such as audio, video, and multi-party calls, and can also be used to transfer instant messages and files. Consolidating all disparate media types and technologies into a unified communications platform enables efficient management and reduces costs.

GVS SIP Protocol Intercom System

  • Support point-to-point SIP intercom

  • Support sip server based SIP intercom

  • Interwork with open source SIP software


  • Support multiple type protocol types

    SIP/2.0,rtp,rtsp,dtmf out-of-band DTMF (RFC2833)

  • Support multiple SIP account

    Default account,account 1,account 2,GVS cloud account

Automatic Configuration Plug and Play

The ip address defaults to DHCP, and the device automatically configures the local SIP account, adopts the automatic discovery protocol, and realizes plug and play, which is more convenient. (for small systems only)

SIP Video Intercom

Answer Visit Call either Locally or Remotely

When visitors come to visit, the house owner can communicate with the visitors outside the door/entrance of the building through the indoor unit, unlock and call the elevator with one key (optional); When outside of home or inconvenient to answer by indoor monitor, the house owner can also remotely open the door through the "Smart Door phone" App on mobile phone.

SIP Video Intercom

Enjoy the multiple way of unlocking

multiple way of unlocking.jpg

Enjoy smooth communication with broadcast function

Support broadcast calls between indoor units in multiple spatial areas

broadcast function.jpg

Enjoy Full Smart Life inside and outside

With RS485 interface, it can easily be integrated with smart home system. So the following can be controlled intelligently

Full Smart Life.jpg

Enjoy the safety guard of your home

Standard 8 zones

The indoor unit comes with 8 zone alarm interfaces, which can be connected to infrared detectors, emergency buttons, gas alarms and other alarm detection equipment. By connecting to the cloud remote arming and disarming. The guard unit can receive, record and process the alarm information of the intercom devices in the community.

SIP Video Intercom

Monitor multiple devices

The property administrator can monitor the video of the outdoor station, gate station, and network camera in real time through guard unit, so as to keep the safety of the community

SIP Video Intercom

Smart+: Enjoy Humanity Care

Local & Cal Message

  • Local Message: the indoor unit can record and leave messages, warmly reminding family members

  • Call Message: When the owner is not at home, the pre-record voice can be used to remind the visitor, and the visitor's message is automatically recorded.


Do-not-disturb Function

The do-not-disturb function can be set on the indoor unit. and the device will be mute when the device calls in, and it can be repeated and timed

Will be available in a future update


Call Records

Records of incoming and outgoing calls are kept, and the call-back function of call records is supported



Large or Small, Residence or Office All Suitable


Stand-alone Villa

Safer and more comfortable at home

Stand-alone Villa.jpg

Apartment Building

Opening the door remotely offers more convenience

Apartment Building.jpg

Office Building

Personnel access management is more efficient

Office Building.jpg

SIP Protocol Intercom Models

video intercom system.jpg


7" Indoor Monitor

  • Dimension: 182x119x15mm

  • 7" HD RGB screen, resolution: 1024*600

  • Operation systems: Linux

  • Support WiFi cloud intercom

  • Standard 8 defense zones

  • Wall-Mounted Installation


8"Outdoor Station

  • Dimension:114x292.5x38mm

  • 8" IPS screen, resolution 800*1280

  • Using binocular wide dynamic + near-infrared camera

  • Support multiple face detection,face tracking, live detection,with-mask recognition, etc

  • 9 ways of unlocking

  • Support OTA online upgrade

  • Support wall-mounted, surface-mounted, column-mounted installation


Mini Outdoor Station

  • Dimension:120x194x44.7mm

  • Operation System: Linux

  • Installation: Wall-mounted

  • Way of unlocking: by password, IC card inside building, monitor/during the call, APP

  • IC card management by local web server, cloud

  • Software update: support OTA online update


10.1" Guard Unit

  • Dimension: 210x356x31.8mm

  • 10" HD IPS Panel, resolution 1280*800

  • Operation System: Android

  • Support one-key emergency unlocking

  • Support remote unlocking of the outdoor station, gate station

  • Monitor the camera of outdoor station, gate station and network camera

  • Alarm reception, processing and recording of the intercom devices in the community

  • Support bracket surface-mounted

  • Support OTA online upgrade

Smart Doorphone APP

  • Audio video call

  • Remote unlock

  • Gate unlocking record

  • Temporary unlocking password creation and sharing

  • Offline call notification

  • Call record

S-series Intercom System Productswill be displayed duringthe Guangzhou GILE 2023

June 9th to 12th, 2023

Location: China Import & Export Fair Complex Zone B, 2nd floor, hall 11.2, Stand E18

Warmly Welcome to Visit GVS Booth

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