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Creating a New Ecosystem of Integrated Smart Homes with GVS and Tuya Smart

June 13,2023  |  By admin

Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent., Ltd. (referred to as "GVS") and Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform and service provider, have signed a partnership agreement to usher in a new era of integrated smart homes.


On June 10th, the two parties held a signing ceremony for their partnership at the 2023 Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Exhibition.


Both parties will focus on their respective strengths, enhance their cooperation mechanism, promote mutual growth and create smart home products that support both KNX and Zigbee protocols. They will also achieve seamless interaction between wired KNX smart home products and wireless smart home products, and empower global customers in residential spaces, apartments, and other industries to achieve a comprehensive improvement in living environment experience and management efficiency.




Left to right: Casto Canavate (KNX),Jean-Christophe KRIEGER (KNX),Peng Yongjian (GVS), Fu Qiang (Tuya), Zhu Xiangjun (GVS)


GVS' President, Peng Yongjian, first expressed a warm welcome and sincere thanks to the guests at the event. He stated, "In recent years, GVS has actively explored the development opportunities of combining the KNX wired smart home ecosystem with the wireless IoT ecosystem. As early as 2021, GVS launched the M+O fusion gateway product and received good market feedback. With this partnership as an opportunity, the two parties can complement each other's strengths and work together to promote deeper integration of wired and wireless technologies, helping customers break through the interaction and management limitations of smart home devices under a single protocol."


Peng Yongjian, President of GVS


Tuya Smart's Vice President and China President, Fu Qiang, stated, "Based on Tuya Smart's open and neutral IoT ecosystem and technological capabilities, the two parties will enable the integration of KNX wired smart home products into the Tuya Smart ecosystem, helping customers achieve interconnectivity among multiple product categories and protocols. We will also expand the functionality of wireless smart home products on the basis of the KNX bus system, with richer features and more diverse scene linkage, obtaining dual support from wired and wireless technologies and gaining more business opportunities."


Fu Qiang, Vice President and China President of Tuya Smart


Jean-Christophe KRIEGER, VP of KNX International Association, and Casto Cañavate, Marketing Manager at KNX Association, also attended and witnessed the partnership signing. Joost Demarest, CTO/CFO of the KNX Association, and Chen Liaohan, Joint Chairman and President of Tuya Smart, also sent online video blessings for the event.


GVS team and Tuya Smart team taking a group photo



Jean-Christophe KRIEGER, VP of KNX International Association



Chen Liaohan, Co-Chairman and President of Tuya Smart


KNX, with high stability, security, and compatibility. is the only open international standard in the field of smart home and building control. It has over 500 KNX manufacturers worldwide and over 8,000 KNX products that can be interconnected.


GVS is one of the earliest national high-tech enterprises engaged in building intelligent system and provides whole-house smart home products and services for high-end residential and commercial spaces. GVS is a pioneer in the KNX field and served as a director of the KNX China Users Association and a rotating chairman unit (in 2018). The company has participated in the conversion of multiple international standards and the drafting of national standards, contributing positively to the application and development of KNX in China.


In this cooperation, GVS will leverage its technical and product capabilities in the field of building intelligence and Tuya Smart's platform development capabilities and diverse hardware ecosystem advantages to develop smart home products that support both KNX and Zigbee protocols, such as gateways, central control screens, thermostats, and electronic doorbells. GVS will also create a richer K-SMART wireless smart home product system based on the Zigbee protocol, helping GVS's smart home product portfolio expand from wired to "wired + wireless" integration development mode. This will help customers solve the problem of limited product combination and limited scene linkage caused by different product protocols, enhancing market competitiveness and brand strength.

Furthermore, GVS's KNX wired devices can be seamlessly interconnected with Tuya Smart's Zigbee wireless devices within the ecosystem, allowing comprehensive management of KNX wired devices and Tuya Smart-enabled devices through the Tuya Smart app, supporting the addition of new wireless smart home devices, and helping residential and apartment clients create a new housing space management model that is flexible and controllable, ultimately leading to vast market opportunities.

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