GVS New Release| KNX/Tuya - Zigbee 3.0!

May 24,2022  |  By admin

GVS New Release| KNX/Tuya - Zigbee 3.0 Gateway 
Game-changer for Bi-directional Smart Control between KNX & Zigbee 3.0

      In the IoT industry, different intelligent technologies play different roles and have their own advantages. For example, the KNX wiring solution is stable, reliable, and powerful, but it is not flexible enough, any upgrade or expansion needs re-wiring and programming; when it comes to Zigbee wireless solution, the installation is simple and solution cheaper while the stability is usually a headache, which means it’s almost impossible to use it in the big house.

    So you ever think like this: is there a solution that can ensure stability (i.e. better user experience) while with simple and flexible installation?

     YES, WE CAN! It’s a GVS answer to the industry, with the latest cutting-edge GVS M+O KNX/Tuya - Zigbee 3.0 Gateway.

GVS New Release| KNX/Tuya - Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

     Today, the advanced version of the M+O gateway is officially released. The new and upgraded performance balances higher-level needs and experience and releases the greater potential of KNX and ZigBee 3.0 deep interconnection.

Bi-directional Control


Support controls from KNX to ZigBee devices and vice versa.Make smart functions stable, and expandable.

    From the four demand dimensions of high stability, high flexibility, high expansion, and high-cost performance, GVS and the world's leading AIoT platform "Tuya Smart" have launched an M+O fusion solution, which highly integrates KNX and ZigBee, two mainstream standards, to meet the needs of users for the stability and flexibility of smart home.

     There are more than 8,000 certified products in the KNX ecosystem, and over 500,000 SKUs in Tuya ecosystem (data for Q3 2021), which means that designers can freely select the most suitable devices when creating building automation solutions.

   This time, communication between KNX and Zigbee becomes bi-directional, which means the user can control from either KNX or Zigbee end, hence the users can take the most advantages of both wiring and wireless solution.

   For example, when designing smart home solutions, KNX equipment can be used to realize the main functions, such as lighting, dimming, curtains, etc., to meet the needs of high stability;

     In case of inconvenient wiring, whether it is for a new building or renovating projectthe installer can easily make full use of the flexibility and convenience of wireless, for example adding wireless sensors, alarms, sockets, etc. to the existing KNX system.

GVS New Release| KNX/Tuya - Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

    The integration of the two can not only ensure user experience but also achieve flexible deployment and reduce the overall cost.

Control even when the network is unavailable

      Different from some existing cloud-cloud interconnection solutions, the advanced version of the M+O fusion gateway (Tuya) can directly connect to Tuya Cloud, no controls will be affected even when the network is unavailable.

GVS New Release| KNX/Tuya - Zigbee 3.0 Gateway

   Considering the different installation conditions in projects, we offer two different product forms with either a short antenna or a longer one, select a proper one that suits your actual project.

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