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KNX Smart Touch Panel V40s Newly Presented!

March 07,2023  |  By admin

KNX Smart Touch Panel V40s Update & Upgrade

  • Simplify Operation

  • Function Extension

  • Experience Optimization

KNX Smart Touch.jpg

New features Scroll down to check↓


A Smooth Touch With A Tap

Increased main frequency from single-core 400M to dual-core 1.2G. Run fast, slide smoothly and feel the ultimate touchscreen experience!

Icon Zoom Design To Meet Your Need.jpg 


An International Screen For The World

Interface languages 9+3, new Chinese Traditional, Polish and Turkish, initial configuration on ETS, self-modification on screen.

An International Screen For The World.jpg 

Icon Zoom Design To Meet Your Need

Home page and multi-function pages, with zoom effect on icons when clicked.

Icon Zoom Design To Meet Your Need.jpg


Double Protection: Password Setting +Alarm Pulling

①Password function upgrade:

Can be used as a screen wake-up password and can also do password permissions for settings page functions.

Double Protection.jpg

② New alarm function:

The alarm message can be displayed on the screen, accompanied by an alarm sound to remind.

New alarm function.jpg


Easy Access To Your Smart Life

Home Page

 KNX Smart Touch Home Page.jpg

① The temperature control, air conditioning and floor heating display is simplified.

② Different control modes with different colors for their temperature data.


Multi-function Page

①New press/release operation, relative dimming, brightness dimming, dual colour temperature, switch indicator.

②New light and curtain shortcuts in list mode.

Multi-function Page.jpg

UI Theme Styles

Available in dark/light colors with uniform theme colors.


Background Music

New song title, artist, album name and volume percentage.


Color &Color Temp.Control



Coloured Light Strip Feature

2 new display effects with blinking effect


Screensaver Function

①Clock+ electronic photo album rotation

②Clock +air quality display

③Single page display


Custom Timing

①Timer function supported for temperature control / air conditioning / underfloor heating functions.

② ETS timer function allows you to set the time of day directly on the screen.

Custom Timing.jpg


KNX Smart Touch V40s

Benchmark of 4" International Screen

Benchmark of 4 International Screen.jpg


Continuous innovation and iteration For a better smart experience !


Availability: 2020


Launch: end of 2022

4.0"colour IPS, 480x480 resolution

4.0colour IPS, 480x480 resolution

Switching, dimming, curtain, scene and value sending functions

Switching,dimming,curtain, scene and value sending functions, switch indication function

Thermostat function, air conditioning control, fresh air, underfloor heating control

Thermostat function, air conditioning control,fresh air, underfloor heating control

Background music control

Background music control

RGB, RGBW and colour temperature control

RGB, RGBW, RGBCW and colour temperature control

Display of air quality test values, energy monitoring values

Display of air quality test values, energy monitoring values

15 function pages

9 function pages

Timing function, event group function

Weekly timer, user can modify the timing function of the trigger time scene group on screen

Logic functions: support for with, or and different or, logical gate forwarding, threshold comparator, conversion of different data types

Logic functions: support for with, or and different or, logical gate forwarding, threshold comparator, conversion of different data types


Built-in temperature sensor

Alarm function, built-in temperature sensor

Home page navigation

Home page navigation

Time and date display, temperature and humidity display, day/night signal output

Time and date display, temperature and humidity display, day/night signal output


Proximity sensing, screen brightness adjustment, coloured light strips indication, touch vibration reaction

Proximity sensing, screen brightness adjustment, coloured light strips indication, touch vibration reaction


Privacy, screen saver and lock  screen functions; screen saver can be selected as clock, electronic album, or not used

Privacy, screen saver and lock screen functions;screen saver can be selected as clock, electronic album, or not used


Now on general sale Drop us a line at info@gvssmart.com if you're interested.

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