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This Time GVS Takes Its KNX Secure to Smart Home!

August 11,2022  |  By admin

Undeniably smart home brings us comfort while at the same time, it may also cause cyber attacks and security risks. Once the smart home system is attacked by hackers, the function of home products will be inactivated or destroyed, conversations will have eavesdropped on, and privacy will be invaded, leading to serious property losses.

This Time GVS Takes Its KNX Secure to Smart Home!

For example, when the smart home system is invaded by hackers, cameras, smart locks, lighting, and curtain controls are all in the hands of them by remote control. Access control systems and security systems are then in vain, while thefts can happen anytime.

This Time GVS Takes Its KNX Secure to Smart Home!

Hence, for your home, especially when it's a smart one, the security issue now comes as a top priority. 


KNX Secure, the Key to a Secured Smart Home  

The security lines of smart home systems can easily collapse due to the lack of strict encryption mechanisms, while the KNX bus system has its unique advantages in privacy protection and security.

KNX is the only open international standard for home and building control in the world. The system has many advantages such as high security, high stability, high integration, high openness, and scalability, all these factors make it a popular system that is widely used in many large public constructions in China, such as Beijing Daxing International Airport, Guangzhou Metro Station, Command Center of Xichang Satellite Launch Base, etc.

This Time GVS Takes Its KNX Secure to Smart Home!

And it is because of the success stories in these super large benchmark projects, KNX is now also a mainstay protocol for high-end smart homes & buildings.  

 This Time GVS Takes Its KNX Secure to Smart Home!


To further enhance its bus safety/security, the KNX association is widely spreading its KNX Secure technology standard, a brand new one to make your smart building safer:

It complies with all necessary safety regulations and has passed the VDE safety certification

It's with the highest level of encryption(AES128 CCM) for the highest level of protection

It provides  both IP and data security so as to prevent illegal access and control

This Time GVS Takes Its KNX Secure to Smart Home!

 In a nutshell, KNX Secure can make your smart home a safe and long-last one.

GVS, the Pioneer of KNX Secure Solution in China

Like KNX technology, GVS always values the data security and privacy of its clients. The company became the FIRST Chinese KNX manufacturer that owned a certified KNX TP Secure stack. (GVS is also the only company that owns 3 self-developed KNX protocol stacks in China).

With the support of the KNX Secure stack, GVS smart home system has an excellent communication mechanism of encryption and authentication to guarantee the security of the entire data link, shielding the illegal access tries such as unauthorized monitoring or controlling.

In mid-2022, GVS has completed the development of several KNX secure products, including KNX Push Button Sensor Plus, KNX 4-Fold Multi-function Actuator, and KNX/IP Interface.


Looking into the future, GVS will update the whole KNX line into KNX Secure one, so as to provide its clients with a more secure and safer experience with the KNX smart building solution.

Some Q&A for KNX Secure:

Q: What is the current development and popularity of KNX secure in the world and China?

A: All newly designed IP products have to follow  KNX secure standards. Up to now, many international brands are with TP-type KNX Secure products while in China, only GVS has its own KNX secure products.

Q: Can products with KNX Secure work with normal KNX products?

A: Due to the fact that KNX Secure communication key is bound to the group address and stored distributively, both kinds of KNX products (secure/non-secure) can work together in one system. 

Q: How are KNX Secure products protected in actual projects?

A: Here are a few KNX Secure scenarios:

1. By defining the control and controlled terminals on ETS, the programmer can authorize the access control to a certain panel, while all those unauthorized ones cannot control it.   

2. By limiting the function of controlling the device by sending telegrams from the bus directly to avoid unauthorized control.

3. All products supporting KNX Secure are standard KNX products, this also secures a quality project.

4. To define that the programming for KNX Secure products is only possible to be edited in the original project, not any newly created one, hence protecting the project from being tampered with.

* If you are also interested in KNX Secure, drop us a line at info@gvssmart.com or simply visit our website www.gvssmart.com and leave a text, let's have a SMART while SECURE talk!  

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