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KNX Project- JMS Villa in Iguassu Falls with KNX Technology

July 18,2022  |  By admin

    As a business partner of Arqtech Automação, GVS is very excited to learn that Arqtech Automação has won one of the 5 nominees for the category Smart Home by the KNX Association Jury.                    




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GVS's products are also involved in this KNX project. As one of the members of the KNX AssociationGVS has been actively promoting the progress and development of building automation and the smart building industry. It is hoped that the two parties can go further hand in hand in the field of smart homes in the future.

The challenge of this project is the essence of life. 

KNX wired automation technology as a solution, integration, and control are presented in a completely unique and individual application interface, KNX automation technology solutions are your choice for flexibility, security, and interoperability.

The house integrates automation control and visualization:

    - Solar panels

    - Electric vehicle charger

    - Pump

    - Command network

    - Presence and Luminance Detector (Lux)

    - Lighting Integration and Control

    - Air Conditioning Integration and Control

    - Integrate and control TV and sound systems

    - Pool engine integration

    - Bathtub Integration and Control

    - Gas detector

    - Smoke Detectors

    - CO² Air Quality Monitor

    - Dimmable lighting

    - Weather station

    - Electric blinds

    - Integrated camera system

    - Flood and Leak Detectors

    - Integrated with underfloor heating

With the KNX automation system made by Arqtech, the home can be controlled via mobile phones, tablets, voice commands, climate adjustment, scenes, and keyboards. The personalization of Arqtech Automação's smart home solutions allows customers and their loved ones to live a better, safer, more comfortable life and have the best time!

Established in 1999, Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Corp, Ltd (Stock code: 870976) has been devoting itself to Smart Security, Smart Building, Smart Home, and Smart Medical Care industries. Based on big data, cloud service, and AI technology, GVS aims to provide its valued customer with a "one-stop IoT technology platform" and building automation, home automation, and smart intercom products, and services. With "Connect the world and create value" as its obligation, GVS now is focusing on "innovate to improve our life" and going to cast itself into a most valuable smart IoT service provider. 

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KNX WALTZ Touch+ Pad


KNX WALTZ Push Button Pro


KNX Smart Touch Z10


KNX Smart Touch V50


-To make life smart, and smart simple!-

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