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51st GVS KNX Application Technology Engineer Training Ended

August 30,2022  |  By admin

From August 22 to 26, 2022, GVS Technology Training Center, a training institution authorized by the International KNX Association, hosted the 51st KNX application technical engineer training course.

During the 5-day training, trainees learned the relevant theoretical knowledge and practical operation of KNX technology, including how to debug software, practical application, and so on. Congratulations to the trainees who passed the assessment and won the engineering certificate issued by the KNX International organization. GVS wish them a bright future in the smart building industry.

GVS Technical Training Center was established in 2011, where the first KNX instructor training class in China was held. Every year, GVS launches several KNX application technology engineer training courses around the world.

On August 26th, and that concluded the 51st KNX application technical engineer training. We hope to see more of you next year!


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