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KNX Waltz Smart Push Button

February 11,2022  |  By admin

KNX Waltz Smart Push Button

Intelligent & Elegant

KNX Waltz Smart Push Button.jpg

Inspired by the beautiful waltz dancing, it skillfully combines user experience and artistic beauty, maintaining a balance between the ups and downs without losing agility.

Crafted in micro and persistent in details. After high-precision CNC machining, polishing, sandblasting, anodizing, micro-pore filling and other precision processes, GVS present this finely crafted all-metal ultra-thin technological aesthetic product for you.

Bring Down in Thickness & Up in Experience

Perfect decoration for your space

KNX Waltz Smart Push Button(1).jpg

Perfect Match with Wall Aesthetics

I Splendorous Gold | Celestial Silver | Mystical Gray

KNX Waltz Smart Push Button(2).jpg

RGB Full Color Indicator Bring Color to Your Smart Life:

  • 10+RGB Color Options: Multiple Colorful Combinations Beauty is variant

  • 3 Configuration Modes: Normal Mode - Lights on strongly; Standby mode - Light on lightly; Off mode - activates the indicating breathing light

  • Poxy Process: Dusk will not easily enter the button indication light hole; Indication effects last forever

  • Gradual indication light On/Off: Smoothly changing brightness; Slowly tuming vision to comfort zone


Smart Awakening,Silent Guarding

It can be linked with the various devices, such as smart panel with proximity sensing function, motion sensor, and night light. When entering the panel area or getting up at night, it will wake up the waltz smart button panel.

KNX Waltz Smart Push Button(3).jpg

In the light off mode, press any key, it will wake up first and then operate. In this case, the light will be not on suddenly to disturb the family when the wrong switch at night was pressed.


Multi-zone temperature collection Balance temperature control


With built-in temperature sensor, 2 external input interfaces, which can be connected to dry contacts or temperature sensors, it can work with air conditioning control module for automatic temperature control. Everything is easy and simple.

KNX Waltz Smart Push Button(4).jpg

One Push Button with All Function In

Just move your fingers to get your home controlled

One Push Buton with All Function In.jpg

What makes your home smart?

Scene Controls Smart Life within your reach

Scene Controls Smart Life.jpg

Rich Stylish Selections

The KNX Waltz Smart Button series: 2 gang (4 buttons), 3 gang (6 buttons), 4 gang (8 buttons).It supports the installation of multiple panels in a row, and maintains the harmony and unity of wall and decoration style.

Rich Stylish Selections.jpg

KNX Waltz Series - We Are A Family!

The metal version of the Waltz series smart panel (including touch panel and push button is newly launched, it is fully optimized and upgraded in terms of appearance, texture, details and user-friendly operation. it combines aesthetics & convenience & functionality to make life smarter and make intelligence simpler.

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