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Winner of 15th International Design Awards-GVS Waltz Touch+ Pad

January 19,2022  |  By admin


Released in 2021, GVS KNX Waltz smart touch+pad had got many awards in the smart home industry. Now one more exciting news: it won the highest honor of the IDA International Design Award in the United States, becoming the only "Gold Award" product in the category of smart home system thermostat!

IDA (International Design Awards) USA

Founded in 2007, IDA is one of the most authoritative international design awards in the United States, and is known as the "wind vane" of major world-renowned design awards.


The IDA International Design Award covers five design categories including architecture, interior, product, fashion, and graphic. It is based on practical innovation, pays attention to thinking and cultural heritage, and advocates the sustainability, science, and intelligence of design.


Official website: www.idesignawards.com


GVS KNX WALTZ Touch+ Pad is based on the theory of "perceptual engineering", which perfectly combines the actual needs of users with the principle of intelligent control.

The product integrates three major innovations in the industry (KNX ecology), and is remarkable in terms of appearance design, functional innovation and human-machine interaction.


Global No. 1  CE & KNX Certified; flexible touch & button combination

KNX Ecology No.1  Retina-level HD IPS Screen

KNX Ecology No.1  TRUE Customization with the latest G-link technology for button function 


You are what you like!

The KNX Waltz series smart touch+ pad follows the golden ratio and adopts geometric splicing frame design, which shows the sense of rational order. The 9.5mm ultra-thin, overall minimalist streamlined design also shows the beauty of grace and dynamic. Diversified color matching allows the panels to be harmoniously integrated into different home styles, and exudes a unique temperament.



Quality speakers!

The exquisite selection of 6063 aviation-grade industrial aluminum strengthens the level and texture of the space. Either random or in the order of "corners", "edges" and "faces" for drop test, the requirements are fine and the standards are strict. Countless constant-frequency tests simulating transportation vibrations are just to ensure that the products will not be damaged.

In addition, the product is also subjected to a series of tests such as high and low temperature, damp heat, cold and heat shock, UV, rain, salt spray test, anti-static, electromagnetic compatibility, etc., so that the product can perform stably and reliably in different usage scenarios. We continue to improve product quality and strive to move closer to the standard. The KNX Waltz series smart touch+ pad meet both the KNX&CE certification standards.


Make it smart, yet simple!

Adhering to the design concept of "removing complexity and seeking simplicity" and "less is more", we highly integrate intelligent controls such as lighting, curtains, air conditioning, fresh air, and floor heating into ONE waltz smart touch+ pad.

Users can not only freely control the brightness and color of lights, the degree of opening and closing of curtains, but also trigger smart scenes such as back home mode and leave home mode with just one click. It makes life easier and also strives to satisfy contemporary people's desire for efficiency, safety, comfort and convenience.



Real DIY for KNX!

With innovative G-link configuration, the user can freely change the button functions by themselves. It fully respect for the user experience and individual experience.


RGB LED Indicator, laser engraving display characters, replaceable button rocker, all these offer  users unlimited DIY fun and more possibilities of exploring smart life.


The precise control of the screen & the quick control of the buttons adapts to the differentiated operation habits and control needs of each family member, allowing the intelligence to demonstrate the warm humanistic care.


This award is not only an international recognition of the innovative technology and exquisite design of the Waltz series smart panels, but also a full affirmation of the strength and innovative spirit of the GVS brand.


In the future, GVS will continue to adhere to the brand proposition of "make life smarter and make intelligence simpler", keep up with market trends, be driven by innovation, and be blessed by design to create intelligent space products that take into account both aesthetics and performance.

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