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GVS New Release:KNX IR Transmitter V2 (Flush & Ceiling Mounted)

October 20,2021  |  By admin

There are more and more appliances in our homes, such as TV, AC, fan, amplifier, projectors etc.

They improve the quality of our lives, but at the same time, they also make us annoyed.

For example, not matching the correct device with too many remotes; nowhere to replace a correct one when broken etc.

A "universal" remote can be a solution, but still, it is not the best.


Is there ONE device that can control all the IR home appliances?

Now, GVS gets a "Key" to solve the problem completely by KNX Gateway for IR, Flush Mounted & Ceiling Mounted.


Basically, 1 KNX IR transmitter can control 2 independent IR appliances.

In other words, with proper quantity of the IR transmitters, all kinds of IR devices can be controlled at the same time and by one device!


01 Get the real smart control for all kinds IR devices

— —

Both the flush and ceiling mounted can be configured for universal control or air conditioning control. And up to 300 IR codes can be stored.

They can learn and transmit more than 95% IR remote control of different devices in the market, including fan, TV, DVD etc.


The ceiling mounted type can fulfill 360-degree all-direction transmission.


The Flush mounted type has 2 folds. Under the universal control mode, it can support up to 20 IR codes.

And there is also 1-fold current detection function, maximum 10A. The current measurement value and switch status can be sent to the KNX bus.

This is very important to avoid the false trigger. Because the user can tell if the AC is ON or OFF with the help of this function.

Another way to check if the AC is ON or OFF is by setting the current threshold value.


Since then, whether you are in the office or at home, without the bother of searching correct remote, all can be controlled by ONE single panel via the GVS KNX IR gateways.

02 AC control becomes more comfortable & energy-saving

— —


How to make sure the comfort & energy saving at the same time?

On one hand, the IR gateway works in the way as traditional AC gateway. That is: indepently control the AC by built-in status storage and logic operations.

The setting of power ON/OFF, temp.,mode, speed, swing and also the status feedback can be realized by the IR gateway. It greatly improves the comfort of your house.

On the other hand, by logic operation with sensor, it can also save a lot of energy.

For example, by connection with window sensor, the AC can be turned off automatically when the window is opened.

Or, by connection with presence detector, the AC can be tuned off after a period of delay.



Thus, with above smart home solutions, we can maximize the energy saving of air conditioners while ensuring comfort.

03 Easy Installation & Operation Meet Real Project Needs

— —


We believe that a good product must be born to meet the needs of people, and it has certain tool attributes.

Small but practical, simple while powerful. These are the advantages of GVS KNX IR Gateways.

KNX Gateway for IR, Flush Mounted, 2-fold with small size, can be installed into 80mm/60mm wall box.

(Attention: the Infrared emitter of the KNX gateway for IR must be installed in range that the IR device can detect normally, to avoid no action.)

While, the KNX Gateway for IR, Ceiling Mounted, V2 is ceiling-mounted and fixed with the left and right shrapnel on the device.


Only KNX Power (Red/Black terminal) is needed for both IR gateway.  

No need auxiliary power (Yellow/White terminal)!

Only ETS software is needed for the IR learning and configuration. Easy and standard!

DCA (App plug-in in ETS, embedded in the application program of the product) assists in the learning, testing, configuration of infrared codes and downloading infrared codes to the infrared transmitter. After being configured by ETS, the infrared devices can then be controlled by KNX bus.

In general, with the help of the GVS 2 models IR gateway, we can not only control all appliances by 1 controller, but only make the control visualized and simplified. So, why not have a try, as it is so stable, reliable, simple and practical.

GVS: we offer globally value service.

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