How feasible a KNX Touch Panel Can Be?

July 22,2020  |  By admin

In spite of the serious COVID-19 pandemic taking the world in early 2020, GVS, instead of stepping back in its RD investment, has released its latest stylish touch panel series to the KNX world, i.e., the KNX Smart Touch V50. This cutting-edge KNX touch panel are flexible in configuration and there are even two forms – horizontal and vertical, it’s all up to you in which way you want it to be.

Based on the ergonomics perspective, the horizontal KNX Smart Touch V50 gives a broader view than the conventionally vertical on. Since icons of the horizontal smart touch panel are enlarged by 25%, allowing users more relaxed and comfortable operation experience.

KNX touch panel

In addition to the marvelous innovation of horizontal and vertical version, there are a few more eye-catching upgrades.

Smart Control System

A KNX smart touch panel is enough for all you house, that means the panel can control almost all smart building functions in different scenarios, be it a warm house, a business complex, a train station or whatever type of building you can find in this planet.  

Often, a key panel can easily control the lighting and curtain while it’s difficult for it to control functions except from lighting. However, today’s smart home are always integrated with smart functions like lighting, curtain control, HVAC, air conditioning, floor heating, temperature control etc., the brand new situation calls for something which can control all these functions, then here’s the KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 .


Multi-functional Panel Helps More

KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 offers up to 2 homepages and 15 functional pages, which can easily meet the demands from a home pad to a centralized control panel for a train station or an area of the airport.

Moreover, the smart touch panel supports a combination of multiple functions to provide more possibilities for different complex applications. The KNX long frame download inside the smart touch panel allows it to shorten the download time of the ETS configuration.  


High quality

The reliability and anti-interference performance of KNX Smart Touch Panel V50 is superior to the common one on the market due to G + F + F fitted double-layer multi-touch technology adopted inside. With high quality, it can even withstand the temperature difference between - 5 and 55 and run normally.

As for the certificates, the hardware testing specifications of the smart touch panel follows CE certification standards and industrial level testing, the whole device is also KNX certified, which means this panel works with more than 500 KNX manufacturer devices with high quality and compatibility, this is something most non-standard panels cannot do.


Elegant & Stylish Design

Designed by the excellent designers from GVS, the touch panel is not only a control device but also a marvelous piece of artwork. With its sophisticated design, the V50 can be used both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, the IPS screen fits the screen from the right, bringing a broader perspective, and the chamfered design of the rear shell makes it more outstanding.


KNX Smart Touch V50 is coming now! Give it a shot and find out more remarkable functions.

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