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GVS Wins Several Awards as the leader of Smart Home

July 23,2020  |  By admin

The popularity of smart home makes many families desire to live in such a technological house. It increases the fun of home life and helps to solve the problems caused by negligence, such as leaving the lights or water valve on.


Many enterprises begin to join the industry of smart homes for its development opportunities in the future. Some companies have specialized in smart home solutions for years, such as GVS, which won several awards in 2019. These include the "2019 China Real Estate Smart Home Award" (one of the most prestigious professional awards in real estate and real estate design), “Top 10 Brands of Smart Home”, "2019 Guangzhou Top 100 Enterprise Award", and so forth.


These awards prove that GVS is an influential one in the smart home. As a state-level high-tech enterprise, GVS not only guarantees the technical quality but also has a good brand reputation.


When it comes to the smart home, two of which get a mention are IntelliSense and remote control. These make it possible that lights are self-starting when walking in the house at night and the curtain can be opened when lying on the bed. GVS can help realize the scenes above.


The service of GVS covers from security to the design of various household appliances in terms of smart home decoration. It is both comprehensive and professional.


Smart Community

Starting from the core component, GVS has been absorbed in video telecom for 20 years. Relying on the rich experience of building intercom, big data, cloud computing, and IoT technology, it has launched intelligent community solutions. The intelligent community solutions of GVS integrating community access control, video intercom, elevator control, monitoring alarm, property management, and other services. One of its products -7-inch Outdoor StationH-OS06 can provide clear visual intercom service and security alarm function for residents in the community. The safety management and operation level of the whole community are greatly improved.


With its continuous efforts in the field of smart community, GVS has won the "2019 Top 10 Brands of Smart Community Award".


Smart Home

GVS develops an ideal intelligent control system according to different types of rome structures. Its room controller 3.0 has the characteristics of small volume and multi-function. A centralized control system can control the switches of lighting, curtains, air conditioning, TV, and so forth, which can liberate people’s legs to the greatest extent. The smart home solutions of GVS provide users a modern and convenient living environment. People can be released from trivia to experience and enjoy better.


Smart Home Electrical Appliance

Smart home appliance solutions will bring an exciting experience, like playing an iPad. The smart home appliance solution of GVS can be applied to all kinds of home appliances suitable for screen control. It has the characteristics of simple, flexibility, strong reliability, and stability. Besides, a click instead of the tedious operations of traditional household appliances can transmit the command to the controller to perform the corresponding operation. A mobile app can turn off the light remotely without worrying about wasting electricity.


The emergence of smart home not only represents the current needs of the times but also represents the perfect combination of technology and life. An intelligent home improves the quality of life and adds fun to it.

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