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Big Promotion for GVS’ KNX Touch Panels

March 25,2020  |  By admin

As a leader in the smart building industry, GVS has always been offering the market with highly cost-efficient products. This time, they’ve prepared something big for their cherished customers: a quarterly promotion has just started by GVS on their smart touch panels! Customers can now bring the smart touch panels home at an ever-low price.


The promotion will last from March 16 to May 15 so that the consumers will have enough time to get to know all details before making the right decisions. This time it's for the 3.5” KNX Touch Panel and 5” KNX Touch Panel, a symbolic product series from GVS, representing its 20 years' experience in display industry.



The 3.5” KNX Touch Panel is a highly integrated control panel. It can control different household equipment such as lights, curtains, air conditioning, and the like, for both controlling the devices in single or in a combination, i.e. scenario controls, which brings the users a more convenient and comfortable experience.


Its large capacity also allows it to configure 10-page icons to meet all the imagination about the smart home. And the function of each icon can be set by users. Miraculously, when the screen is operated, the light in the touched area will light up. Still, the rest of the panel remains grey, presenting a clear switch status of the device.


The GVS 5” KNX Touch Panel will be more intelligent. Its temperature detector can detect and adapt to the current indoor temperature intelligently and timely. For example, after presenting the constant temperature of the product, if the current temperature is detected to deviate from the preset temperature, the operating system will be automatically started in the touch panel. Then the command will be sent to the air conditioner host to realize the intelligent constant temperature control of the current temperature.




GVS 5-inch touch panel also has sensor function, which can detect whether there is anyone left in the room for a long time. If no one is in the detection area, it will automatically combine the timing function and carry out the logical calculation, intelligently cut off the indoor power according to the results. This fantastic function effectively prevents officers from forgetting to turn off the air conditioning or lights to save energy.


Of course, the intelligent building control system of GVS is not only applied to home life, but also widely used in office buildings, rail transits, terminals, hotels, schools, hospitals, and other intelligent buildings.


Since the current epidemic situation continues to worsen, and the infection index continues to rise, non-contact is very necessary. The intelligent building control system of GVS plays a vital role in this aspect.

The intelligent building control system of GVS can realize remote control through an app avoiding the contact between people and keys of elevators, as well as the contact with the card readers at the exit of communities or hotels. By doing this, it helps reduce the risk of infection effectively.

GVS intelligent building control system brings practical energy-saving experience and desirable intellectual life. It's worth to own one without any doubts. Hurry up and log in to the official website of GVS to enjoy the benefits brought by this promotional activity.

Remember, such a big saving is over on May 15!

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