knx smart home

  • High integration: centralized management of KNX smart home system

  • Multiple choices: Increase the user's selectivity to the switch panel by means of dry contact input, better matching the decorative style;

  • Small size: The centralized module greatly saves installation space and effectively improves product cost performance;

  • Multi-function: integrates functions such as switch, dimming, curtain, fan coil, dry contact input, 485 interface and IP interface;

  • Operationality: All control circuits are equipped with manual operation for easy pre-commissioning and post-maintenance;

  • Flexibility: Different control function loops can be changed to switch loops according to usage requirements, adding functional richness and no waste;

  • Safety: The front-end switch panel is free of dry contact signals, no strong voltage output, so it is within the absolute safety range for human contact.


  • Intelligent lighting

    The intelligent lighting system automatically adjusts the illumination to the most comfortable state of the human body while turning on the light. Different lighting modes can be set in the living room, master bedroom and other areas according to various indoor conditions, and various scenes such as home, home, and night can be freely converted.
  • Curtain control

    Through the mobile phone AP or smart touch panel, you can automatically open the curtains and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. At the same time, the intelligent curtain control system can also be linked with the lighting equipment in the home to create a warm and intelligent life scene.
  • Intelligent security

    Intrusion alarm and emergency button function can be realized. Once an accident occurs, the alarm signal will be sent to the central intelligent host immediately, and the property center and the owner will be notified in time to fully protect the family\'s life and property safety.
  • Constant temperature and humidity

    Through the air quality sensor, the temperature and humidity data of the house are detected, and the central air conditioner and the fresh air are automatically adjusted to adjust the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment to achieve the most livable living environment.
  • Linkage VRV air conditioning control

    The system automatically detects the indoor temperature, and can set the running time and operation mode of the air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity. If the window is pushed open, the air conditioner will be turned off for a comfortable and energy-saving home living environment.
  • Mobile APP Control

    The home can be remotely controlled by mobile terminals such as mobile phones, such as lighting, curtains, air conditioners, etc. The type and quantity of control devices can be freely selected according to needs, which greatly facilitates the travel and daily life of the owners.

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