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GVS Smart Lighting - The Future of Intelligent Lighting Solution

November 26,2023  |  By admin

GVS Smart Lighting is a comprehensive intelligent lighting solution that automates lighting control with the K-BUS smart control system. This system provides users with an energy-saving, efficient, customizable, and stable lighting environment.


  • Energy-saving

GVS Smart Lighting helps to reduce energy consumption significantly, thereby improving building operational efficiency. Through intelligent control, the system adjusts the brightness and color temperature of the lights based on the needs of the users and the environment, ensuring that energy is used optimally.


  • Efficient

Our solution reduces management and maintenance costs while improving work and management efficiency. The system provides flexibility for both individual and group lighting fixture control through smart screens, smart panels, and mobile apps. This allows users to control the lighting in each room or zone easily, saving time and effort.


  • Convenient

GVS Smart Lighting offers rich industry solutions that meet the diverse needs of building electrical control. The system provides preset multiple scenarios based on user needs, allowing users to switch between different lighting modes with just one key. This provides users with more convenient lighting control options and saves time in managing the lighting system.


  • Steady

Based on the international KNX standard, our solution provides strong stability, high compatibility, and excellent expandability. With our reliable technology, you can rest assured that your lighting system will perform seamlessly.


Main Functions of GVS Smart Lighting


  • Smart Switching

Controlled by smart screens, smart panels, mobile apps, and more, our solution offers flexible lighting control for both individual and group lighting fixtures. Our goal is to make lighting automation as simple as one click.


  • Smart Dimming

The system allows users to adjust the brightness of the lights from 0 to 100% and the color temperature from 2700-6500K, providing a range of colorful variations. This allows users to customize the lighting environment according to their needs and create the perfect lighting atmosphere.


  • Smart Lighting by Sensors

You can preset multiple scenarios based on your needs and switch between them using a single key command. Our solution allows the light and shadow to move with your heart, whether you're hosting a party or simply enjoying a cozy night in.


K-BUS Smart Lighting System Application Field

GVS Smart Lighting solution can be applied to a wide range of fields including railways, airports, offices, industrial parks, commercial complexes, museums, hotels, hospitals, and schools. With its advanced features and adaptability to different environments, GVS Smart Lighting is becoming a popular choice for intelligent lighting automation in various industries.

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