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KNX CO₂ sensor, 55mm

KNX CO₂ sensor, 55mm

KNX CO₂ sensor,55mm is mainly applied in building control system, connected to the bus via KNX connection terminals and installed together with other devices on the bus to become a system. It’s functionally simple and intuitive to operate. Users can plan according to their own needs to performs these functions in the system.
Product parameter
Bus voltage: 21-30V DC, via the KNX bus
Bus current: <17mA/24V, <14.5mA/30V
Dynamic current: <25mA/24V, <20mA/30V
Bus consumption: <600mW
Detection range, CO2: 400-2000ppm *
Temperature: 0-40℃ *
Relative humidity: 20-90% *
Connection KNX: Bus connection terminal
Operation: -5 °C~45 °C
Storage: -25°C~55°C
Transport: -25°C~70°C
Environment: <93%, except dewing
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