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GVS KNX System Installed in Xi Ning Int'l Airport

August 13,2021  |  By admin

The Xining International Airport, located in between the two major capital cities of Lanzhou in Gansu and Xining in Qinghai province, is also called " the Throat to Tibet".


Xining International Airport is a 4E-class civil international airport. It is not only the an important transportation hub on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but only a major port towards the outside for Qinghai Province. The airport has two terminal buildings, namely T1 (International Arilines) and T2 (Domestic Airlines) with a total of 53,700 square meters.

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GVS Smart & Green Lighting Control System

A Special Gift to the Snowy Plateau

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Building an airport is not an easy job; it is even harder to build it at the Plateau. Too many challenages! However, it is highly deamanded with the economic development of Xining. And it is also an important window for displaying the image of the city. So a high standard airport is required.

GVS, with great honor, participated in the construction of the smart lighting control system.

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"comfort, safety, energy saving, efficiency" & "safe airport, green airport, smart airport, and humane airport" are the basic requirements for the airport. After multiple surveys, GVS adopted the KNX intelligent lighting control system, which is with excellent performance of stability, flexibility and energy saving.

GVS brings the smart switch control for all the lighting circuits of T1 terminal, which successfully integrates the concept of green wisdom into the building. It is a special gift to the Snowy Plateau from GVS.

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Timing and Central Control

From Departure to Arrival, Lightening the City

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In response to the needs of airports with different lighting functions in different areas, GVS provides diverse solutions in system control methods and control functions.


In the system scheme of the entire project, GVS fully considered the safety, stability and reliability of the intelligent lighting system. On the one hand, divide the control area to realize independent and centralized control of lamps.


On the other hand, airport staff can also intelligently control the lighting system according to the flow of people at different times through the central control software. In addition, the central control software can also monitor all lighting circuits in real time.

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On the central control software, the staff can perform real-time monitoring and other operations on all lighting circuits

So the technicians can respond quickly and maintain the equipment at the first time to ensure the high-quality and stable operation of the airport's lighting system.

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This not only enriches the control methods, makes the overall airport lighting smarter and more energy-efficient, but also effectively improves the management efficiency of the airport's lighting system, bringing a better travel experience for passengers.


With KNX Technology

GVS Contributes to Rail Transit

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The GVS intelligent lighting control system equipped with KNX technology can realize compatible intercommunication and network pairing with a wide range of KNX intelligent modules and intelligent devices, and it can also be connected with other intelligent systems through protocol integreation.


On the basis of GVS's comprehensive product line, users do not need to worry about restrictions on the choice of lamps or other equipments.


In addition, each module can store information independently, so when a functional module is maintained, it will not affect the normal operation of other functions of the system.

The continuous expansion of Xining International Airport has led to a rapid increase in aviation business, and the regional comprehensive transportation system and air transportation network have also been continuously improved, which has promoted the economic and social development of Qinghai.

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At the same time, GVS has gained high recognition and praise from the airport.


Currently, GVS intelligent lighting solutions have been put into use in major rail transit projects across the country. Under the market demand driven by new infrastructure, GVS will continue to adhere to the road of independent innovation, create more intelligent lighting solutions equipped with advanced products and perfect services, and achieve a new round of "energy saving" acceleration for China's rail transit industry.

Relevant Pictures from Qinghai Airport Co., Ltd.

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