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Latest GVS Solution for Smart Home: A Hybrid System of KNX & Zigbee 3.0

November 10,2020  |  By admin

Recently, the highly anticipated Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Exhibition(GEBT) is finally came to an end. At this industry peak event, as one of the earliest domestic companies that entered the field of smart home, GVS officially released the new KNX+ZigBee 3.0 smart home model.



What is the significance of the KNX+ZigBee3.0 solution presented by GVS?

In the current market, the dispute between smart home bus and wireless technology is intensifying. The emergence of the proposition of "who is the future of smart home" is always arousing some controversy.


It cannot be denied that KNX is the only open & international standard in the smart home and smart building control industry. Stability, openness, systemization, compatibility are the advantages of KNX wired smart home solution. At the same time, KNX's high-quality requirements for products also represent the high quality of the product. Compared with the above-mentioned advantages, its disadvantages appear to be very obvious. The high-threshold technical requirements make it difficult for KNX to achieve universal popularity.


At this time, the advantages of ZigBee wireless smart homes have been greatly highlighted. With the advantages of strong extension, simple operation, strong flexibility, suitable for DIY and both new and old residences, the wireless is getting more and more accepted by the people. However, due to its low technical entry barriers, the unevenness of products is still an urgent problem to be solved. 


For many real estate developers, system integrators, and engineering companies, whether smart home products and systems are reliable and stable, and whether they are convenient and fast to use, are the criteria for judging whether smart homes are good or not. 




Which protocol dominates Smart Home? Answer is the one that INTEGRATES!


GVS joined the KNX International Association in 2008, and continues to explore in the KNX field, accumulating richly and breaking forth vastly. Based on the continuous exploration and insight into the development trend of the industry, as well as the analysis of the pain points of real estate developers, system integrators, engineering companies and end users, GVS subverts the industrys traditional way of integrating, proposes a new concept of smart home system integration, and launches wired + wireless brand new hybrid network model, namely the new M+O model.


The new M+O model realizes the integration between systems and realizes two-way control of wired and wireless, allowing the advantages of the two major protocols of KNX and ZigBee 3.0 to increase exponentially.


How to make it happen?


Using the stable and reliable technical characteristics of KNX, it can ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the basic intelligent control in the residence. As a result, the old-brand mature KNX technology lays down the home backbone network, and the latest ZIgBee3.0 solution makes home equipment easy to manage and expand. The two mainstream standards have joined forces to maximize reliability and flexibility, and maximize user comfort and convenience.



From Classic Series to Agile, a constant evolution of GVS Smart Touch Series. 

At the GEBT Exhibition, GVS also demonstrated its diversified smart screen products. As a veteran KNX manufacturer in China, GVS is one of the first companies in the industry to release KNX screens, covering 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch and higher specifications 10.1 inches, and has formed a large family with rich styles.



V40 and V50 in both horizontal and vertical versions, this series integrates various home controls such as lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc., and one screen realizes intelligent control of the whole house. Meanwhile, it supports multi-language user interface display and meets the installation standards of multiple countries.


GEM series Z10 integrates the functions of video intercom, smart home, and smart community. The built-in multi-layer floor plan allows complex functional requirements to be easily completed in one step.


Affected by the epidemic this year, keywords such as smart community, non-contact face access control, smart call elevator, smart medical care, and smart ward have been constantly active in the field of vision. GVS continues to introduce diversified intelligent solutions, aiming to create a smarter life scene for people.


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