smart office building

  • Only one EIB cable is needed, there is no lots of cable laying and complicated control design.

  • Control modules are installed in the original strong electric box.

  • The control panel only needs one EIB bus to connect, adopts 24V safe low voltage power supply mode, safe and reliable, and easy to operate.

  • Convenient and flexible function/ control modification , only need to make small program adjustments, instead of rewiring on site.

  • Save energy and improve efficiency. Through clock, light control setting, automatic operation to the best state, reasonable energy conservation, easy management and maintenance.

  • All control modules are modular products, using standard 35mm rail mounting.

  • All control panels and motion sensors are equipped with a standard 86 wall-mounted box. The construction is simple, different panels and motion sensors can be interchanged at any time, and the control functions are easily changed.


  • Lighting Control

    One-click scene control and centralized control or partitioned management area lighting is possible. The brightness sensor can also be used to automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the change of external light. When the natural light illumination is sufficient, the energy consumption is saved without turning on the light, and the light is automatically turned on when the illumination is low.
  • Motion Sensor

    By brightness&motion sensor, the motion sensing system can automatically detect the entry and exit of the personnel. When the illuminance is less than 50 lux, the corresponding light is automatically turned on when the person enters, and the light is delayed to turn off when the person leaves, ensuring maximum convenience and energy saving.
  • Security Monitoring

    The security camera can realize the motion detection alarm under sleep mode. When the alarm is triggered, the system automatically records and stores the audio and video. It can be managed and viewed at any time in the security center as well as be viewed through the smart phone APP.
  • Shutter Control

    Automatically control the opening and closing of electric curtains according to changes in external light and scene setting, making full use of natural light to achieve maximum energy saving
  • Meeting System Control

    The conference room should meet the intelligent control requirements of the scenes like conference start, projection, cleaning, etc. According to the progress of the conference, different response modes can be established. The conference room is equipped with a 5-inch intelligent touch panel, which has lighting, secenes, temperature, curtains, and projection control function.
  • The conference room should meet the intelligent co

    Fingerprint, proximity card verification, face recognition, etc. are used to authenticate the personnel entering the office area to prevent non-company employees from entering and leaving the office area. At the same time, the access control verification record automatically generates reports according to the attendance rules, which facilitates the administrative department to manage employee attendance.
  • Environmental control

    The system automatically detects the indoor temperature and humidity, and can automatically adjust and control the running time and operation mode (refrigeration, heating, ventilation) of the air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity of the room. The air conditioner combined with the system control can achieve maximum Energy-saving effect, when the window is pushed open, the air conditioner is delayed to turn off.
  • Sensing control

    The air conditioning exchanges indoor and outdoor air to provide fresh air to the room, and the fresh air can also be manually or automatically controlled. The system automatically detects indoor CO₂concentration and PM2.5 air quality. When the CO₂ concentration is too high and the PM2.5 value exceeds the standard, the system automatically opens the fresh air system to supplement the fresh air.
  • Background music control

    During the break time, music can be played to ease the physical and mental health of employees.

Programme value

  • Effectively control and reduce the company's logistics management cost

  • Effectively control company electricity bills and energy consumption

  • Effectively improve work and study efficiency

  • Effectively use and increase equipment lifetime and reduce wear and tear costs

  • Effectively guarantee the safety of company personnel and property

  • Improve office management and enhance company image

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