smart hotel solutions

  • Focusing on a smart smart host, the installation saves time and takes up little space;

  • Hotel equipment can be easily controlled by directly linking various terminal devices.


  • Intelligent identification

    The smart room card can automatically identify the identity of the guest and the staff, and grant access rights according to different identities.
  • Service personnel status inquiry

    Through the system software to query the status of the waiter in real time, it is convenient for the foreman to timely deploy the work of the waiter, understand the progress of his work, and clearly see who is going in and out of the room, so that the hotel can provide services for the guests in time or attendance supervision for the service personnel.
  • When guest check in

    Through lighting adjustment and switch control, you can create different scenes and environments for your guests, providing a warm environment and convenient operation.
  • Card power

    After the guest leaves, the system automatically enters the unattended mode during the scheduled time.
  • Sensor control

    The lighting of the bathroom and the exhaust fan are automatically controlled by the sensor. When someone enters, the light is turned on immediately, and the exhaust fan is turned on for 10 seconds. It can also be controlled by the panel.
  • Air conditioning intelligent control

    In order to provide a comfortable environment, the air conditioner will automatically turn on to the appropriate temperature after check-in. If you do not enter the room after registration for a long time, the air conditioner will automatically turn off.
  • Electric curtain control

    Through the control of the curtains, it reflects the charm of the technology life, making your guests feel warm and convenient.
  • Close reminder

    If the guest forgets to close the door after entering the door, the hotel room system will give an audible prompt after the door contact is sensed.
  • Wardrobe lighting

    guest opens the closet, the door contact is triggered and the lights in the cabinet are automatically opened for easy access.
  • Room status indication

    There is a DND button in the corridor and the bedside. There is a DND button and a doorbell button outside the door. After the button is pressed, the red indicator light outside the door and the DND indicator at the hallway and bedside lamp panel will light up at the same time. In order to prompt the waiter and the visitor.

Programme value

  • and management of energy, support green mode, energy saving: through intelligent control of energy saving at the end of air conditioners, lighting, electrical appliances, etc., and more close interconnection with other systems, reducing overall costs;

  • Convenient management: help service personnel, engineering maintenance personnel, and management personnel to improve work and management efficiency, reduce comprehensive operating expenses, and extend equipment life;

  • Humanization: Provide customers with a safer, healthier and more comfortable environment, provide more detailed humane care, and consider the humanization of disabled rooms.

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