smart airport technology

  • Reliability: Considered both the products production quality and the stability of the system application process, KNX system is located in the first column of its kind, and has more than 50,000 successful projects worldwide.

  • Flexibility: The KNX system is easy to change control functions and reset parameters instead of reinstalling. It can flexibly meet the requirements of different users for different environmental functions, and it is easy to modify or expand the system functions.

  • Convenience: With KNX/EIB system, you can not only control devices locally, but also remotely operate the controlled device through infrared remote control, wireless remote control, telephone and computer.

  • Comfort: The specific scene setting features of KNX system make it easy to create a healthy, pleasant living and working environment with one-click triggering and easy operation.

  • Energy-saving:  Under the condition to meet the user's requirements for the environment, KNX system uses timing, sensing and many other functions to adjust the indoor illumination and minimize energy consumption by using natural light and human activity as much as possible.

  • Safety: It can be linked with the fire proteticon system. When the fire alarm occurs, the normal lighting circuit can be forcibly cut off, and the emergency circuit is forcibly lit, thereby reducing the risk of fire and improving the safety of the building.


  • Terminal Building Section——Lighting Control

    Light monitoring and control, light effects and illumination environment give a comfortable and perfect visual environment.
  • Station Section——Various control methods

    The control of the station part of the KNX intelligent control system mainly includes the high pole light and sign of the plane position . The use of local control, time control, illumination control, centralized platform control and other control means achieve independent energy conservation and visualized centralized control management of the entire station area.
  • Station Section——Energy saving, easy to operate

    The various control ways operate independently and cooperate with each other, which can be manually controlled or automatically operated when unattended to achieve maximum energy saving. It can be controlled locally or centrally through the control center to achieve convenient management and reduced operating expenses.
  • System linkage

    In the application of the airport terminal project, the KNX intelligent control system is interconnected and data exchanged with the fire protection system, the building management system and the terminal control system.
  • Networking control

    Through the contact signal input mode, the entire intelligent lighting control system is linked with the fire control system through the KNX input/output module. In the event of a fire accident, the work lighting equipment is forcibly cut and the emergency evacuation lighting equipment is activated.
  • Data exchange

    Data exchange with various intelligent management systems of the airport is realized by providing customized OPC sever interface software. For example, the lighting control strategy is set in real time in combination with the flight information (the latest flight information of the day and the earliest tomorrow), so that the lighting control of each area can effectively coordinate with the operation of the airport and realize energy-saving control.

Programme value

  • Control with high precision, multi-terminal control, making the building more humane;

  • KNX system has high reliability and real-time performance, with strong anti-interference ability;

  • Centralized and unified management of the central control system, greatly saving labor costs and complicated operation;

  • According to the requirements of different time, occasions, environment, etc., the system scene mode is automatically adjusted by timing and sensing to achieve the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

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