metro automation

  • Simplicity and intelligence: The system is simple to use and can be automatically adjusted to changes by the environment.

  • Luxurious and comfortable: the operation panel is sleek and beautiful in color, and the system creates a charming atmosphere.

  • Practical and economical: The system functions practically and the integrated control greatly saves building energy.

  • Safe and reliable: The control loop is completely separated from the load loop. The operating voltage of the control loop is a safe voltage of DC24V, which ensures personal safety even if the switch panel is accidentally leaking.

  • Coordination and flexibility: The system can arbitrarily combine and change functions according to user needs.

  • Open and compatible: multiple ways to integrate with building control systems for easy system upgrades and maintenance.


  • Intelligent switch control

    The EIB panel is bus intelligent. When the function and control object are changed, it only needs to be set by ETS software without changing the wiring mode. It can switch, dimming, mode, and total control operation of single loop or multi-loop.
  • Central centralized visual control

    Visualization software is installed in the station monitoring center. The visualization software is a simple and easy-to-use menu structure. All control objects are displayed on the screen through a friendly interface, and each lighting circuit luminaire is displayed on the plane of each area according to the actual position graphic. The touch screen can accept various graphics as the background, and arrange the controls according to the actual position of the lamps and switches on the background image for visual monitoring.
  • Scene control

    According to the needs of the subway operation, the lights or other electrical equipment in the controlled area can be preset to various scenes. The underground station operates in four modes: normal mode, power saving mode, fire mode, and outage mode.
  • Loop current detection control

    When there is an abnormality in the circuit (lamp damage, line fault), immediately provide an alarm error and other information to facilitate the maintenance and maintenance of the on-duty staff to ensure the normal operation of the station, depot and parking garage.
  • Automatic time control

    The KNX time controller pre-programs the KNX lighting circuit in the controlled area.
  • Mobile & Illumination Sensor Control

    The mobile & illuminance sensor has a measuring range of 0~65535Lux and can be used for automatic lighting control or constant brightness control. The illuminance of the entrance and exit can be changed according to the change of outdoor sunlight. When the entrance illumination is lower than the set value, the light is automatically turned on or the brightness is adjusted. When the value is higher than the set value, the brightness of the light is automatically turned off or adjusted to achieve constant illumination of the indoor light. .
  • Integrated monitoring system integrated control

    The K-BUS intelligent lighting system converts the control signals into Modbus protocol signals through the gateway, and integrates with the station integrated monitoring system to control the linkage. The specific control requirements are determined according to the needs of the owner.

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