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KNX Training

In 2008, GVS joined KNX Association as a manufacturer member and became the first KNX member in China. Afterwards in 2011, GVS won the authorization from the Association and started the first KNX Training Center in China, with a first KNX Tutor Course held in the newly-born training center.

As a qualified KNX training center, GVS training center owns 20 sets of work station and relevant facilities. After years’ development, the training center now has become the strongest KNX training center in China with 14 excellent tutors and over 10 sessions of KNX Basic Training Course, KNX Advanced Training Course.

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The training includes theoretical learning and practical operation, mainly includes: KNX technology- Basic (topology, communication protocols, bus equipment, etc.); basic operation of the ETS software, commissioning, diagnostics; hardware installation, troubleshooting and so on.


Why choose KNX training for GVS


微信图片_20190214132608.png KNX - an open international standard

The KNX bus is a system independent of the manufacturer and application and is widely used to control building management devices such as lighting, shading/blinds, security systems, energy management, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems, signal and monitoring systems, service interfaces and Building control systems, remote control, metering, video/audio control, large appliances, etc. KNX is an open international standard in the field of home and building control. It has more than 20 years of market application experience and was upgraded to China's national standard in 2013 (GB/T 20965-2013 "Control Network HBES Technical Specification - Residential and Buildings" Control System"). More and more Chinese users are beginning to pay attention to KNX technology, seek KNX solutions, and introduce KNX products.

微信图片_20190214132608.png KNX Technology's "Whampoa Military Academy"

As of December 2018, there were 629 officially certified Chinese KNX partners (KNX Partner), of which nearly 400 were from the GVS Visual Sound Training Center. Over the past, 33 basic classes and 2 instructors have been successfully held. It has become a veritable “Whampoa Military Academy” of China's KNX intelligent building.

 微信图片_20190214132608.png China's strongest mentor team

The GVS Visual Sound Training Center has the strongest mentor team consisting of 14 excellent instructors certified by KNX Headquarters. With rich project experience and technical exchange experience at home and abroad, GVS is the world's largest KNX training institution.

Partial tutor:


Peng Yongjian 

KNX Application Training Chairman

Language: Chinese


Zhan Qingxi

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese, English


Ren Jiguang

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese


Zheng Xiongming

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese, English


Li Xiangping

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese


Hu Jiaming

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese


Tan Jiankun

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese


Wang Leshi

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese, English


Lin Li

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese, English


Li Jun

KNX Application Training Instructor

Language: Chinese

 微信图片_20190214132608.png Training benefits


Certificate value


Master the direction

KNX Partner certificate issued by KNX international association headquarters


Intelligent building, intelligent home design, scene design

Be the first to master the application direction of KNX new technology


 Tutor support

Winning opportunity

Build resources

Get long-term one-on-one support and coaching from mentors

After the training, students with excellent test scores will be awarded as excellent students

From the national intelligent lighting control system resources 

  微信图片_20190214132608.png Past student style


Apply to join KNX training


 微信图片_20190214132608.png  Training object

Architectural design and electrical professional engineers, weak electricity integrators, intelligent system integrators, field installation technicians, end users, system sales personnel, property management personnel, supervision engineers, etc. are engaged in intelligent building engineering design, construction, supervision, etc. Management and technical staff, interested and interested in the intelligent building industry.

 微信图片_20190214132608.png training period

In 2019, KNX training will be arranged in four phases in China and six phases in foreign countries. The specific time for each training will be announced one month in advance.

KNX training

Currently, the latest issue is: September 21-25

 微信图片_20190214132608.png Training Location

3 / f, building 5, guangzhou science and technology park, 9 lanyu fourth street, guangzhou economic development zone (zip code 510730)


 微信图片_20190214132608.png training fees

3980/person (including training fee, lunch fee, data fee, examination fee), the same company can enjoy 20% discount for two people, travel and accommodation expenses.

 微信图片_20190214132608.png Payment method

Reunification of the public account before the deadline for training registration (our company will issue an invoice one week after receiving the payment)


Bank: Guangfa Bank Guangzhou Development Zone Branch

Transfer account number: 1010 0551 6010 0150 02

 微信图片_20190214132608.png Number of trainees

In order to guarantee the quality of training, the training course will invite 30 students, and the deadline for registration on September 20, 2020, will be reported as soon as possible!

 微信图片_20190214132608.png Contact information

Contact: Miss Luo

Tel:132 6827 6022


Add:3 / f, building 5, guangzhou science and technology park, 9 lanyu fourth street, guangzhou economic development zone (zip code 510730)

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