Commercial Complex

  • Independent intelligent module, rich product line, can be freely combined to construct intelligent control of various application scenarios;

  • Powerful, green, low power, open, compatible, stable, and easy to expand, up to 65,000 devices;

  • Leading in the industry, it is the only system product that can solve the intelligent control of large buildings.


  • Smart panel control

    The administrator or staff can manually control the lighting of the corresponding area on-site as needed. Such as: scene control, partition loop control, single loop switch control, main switch control, etc.;
  • Touch screen visual control

    Visualization software is installed in the monitoring center. The visualization software is a simple and easy-to-use menu structure. All control objects are displayed on the screen through a friendly interface, and each lighting circuit luminaire is displayed on the plane of each area according to the actual position graphic;
  • Scene mode control

    According to the operation requirements of the shopping mall, the lights or other electrical equipment in the controlled area can be preset to various scenes. Such as normal working scene, fire emergency scene, peak period mode, low peak period mode, etc.
  • Automatic time control

    The KNX/EIB time controller pre-programs the KNX/EIB lighting circuit in the controlled area. According to the actual landscape, it is necessary to switch one or more groups or regions of lighting fixtures at a time, so that the lamps can be turned on and off one by one at a set interval within a set time or automatically opened and closed at different time periods, and the cycle can be set;
  • DALI dimming control

    Switching alone and multicast control or DALI dimming control, the functions realized are timing control, brightness sensing, fault alarm, and state feedback function;
  • Mobile illumination automatic sensing control

    KNX/EIB brightness sensor measuring range is 0~65000Lux, can be used for automatic lighting control or constant brightness control
  • Linkage control

    Lighting lighting and communication system (public broadcasting system) linkage control and fire protection system linkage control;
  • Integrated system integration control

    The KNX/EIB intelligent lighting system converts the control signals into Modbus protocol signals through the gateway, and integrates control with the third-party information management software system of the shopping mall.

Programme value

  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce management costs

  • Increase customer experience and increase merchant revenue

  • Improve the safety index and protect the business environment

  • Improve equipment life and reduce wear and tear

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