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KNX Push Button Sensor: Versatile Wall-Mounted Controller with Advanced Functions

April 15,2024  |  By admin

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The KNX Push Button models CHPLE-02/02.x.0y, CHPLE-04/02.x.0y, CHPLE-06/02.x.0y, and CHPLE-08/02.x.0y (where x represents the finish type: 1 for Shiny Finish and 2 for Matt Finish, and y stands for the color: 0 for White and 1 for Black) are designed with both elegance and functionality. These push buttons feature a classic plastic design, enhanced with laser-printed paper for icons or descriptions, and incorporate a built-in temperature sensor.

The KNX Push Button offers a comprehensive range of functions, including switching, dimming, shutter control, scene control, value sending, RGB, RGBW, shift register capabilities, multiple operation modes, and a delay mode. With a maximum of 8 group events and 8 logic functions, it ensures seamless integration and customization within the KNX system.

Moreover, the KNX Push Button is equipped with an LED indicator that can display Red, Green, or Blue colors, providing clear visual feedback. Installation is straightforward, designed for wall mounting and compatible with standard 80mm or 86mm wall boxes, fitting both 86*86mm and German double-60mm wall boxes.

Operating at a voltage range of 21-30V DC via the KNX bus, the KNX Push Button consumes minimal power, with bus current consumption below 12mA and bus power consumption under 360mW. This ensures efficient energy usage while maintaining optimal performance.

With its robust push button lifespan of over 20,000 operations, the KNX Push Button is built to last. Its operational temperature range is from -5°C to 45°C, while storage and transport temperatures range from -25°C to 55°C and -25°C to 70°C respectively, ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

In summary, the KNX Push Button offers a feature-rich and reliable solution for smart home and building automation systems, delivering seamless control and integration with the KNX network.

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