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T-OS14E Outdoor Station — The Ultimate Choice for Secure and Convenient Home Communication

April 14,2024  |  By admin

The T-OS14E outdoor station stands as the pinnacle of our meticulously crafted 2-wire analog video doorbell system. Its innovative design not only ensures seamless connectivity with the indoor station via a 2-core wire but also incorporates cutting-edge IC card access control technology, elevating the convenience and security of your living space to new heights.

Outdoor Station.jpg 

Measuring an elegant 365×125×44.6mm, the T-OS14E outdoor station strikes a perfect balance between sleekness and durability. Operating within a generous voltage range of DC 24~30V, it maintains a steadfast performance across diverse environments. What's more, its energy-efficient design keeps current consumption low, consuming less than 90mA in standby mode and peaking at 400mA during operation.

The outdoor station's environmental adaptability is truly exceptional. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +70℃ during storage and performs flawlessly within a working temperature range of -25℃ to +55℃. Whether the weather is icy cold or blistering hot, it remains a reliable and dependable communication hub for your home.

In terms of visual clarity, the T-OS14E outdoor station excels. Equipped with a CMOS camera, it offers a wide diagonal viewing angle of 70°×50°, coupled with a focal length of 2.5mm and a high-resolution of 30W. Whether you're monitoring a busy street or zooming in on fine details, the station captures everything in stunning clarity, keeping you informed and in control at all times.

In summary, the T-OS14E outdoor station is the ultimate choice for modern home security and communication. With its outstanding performance, seamless operation, and convenient access control features, it serves as both a robust first line of defense for your home and a seamless communication tool. Embrace unparalleled convenience and peace of mind with the T-OS14E outdoor station.

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