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GVS VIDEO INTERCOM: The Pioneer in Sip Protocol VDP-Based Video Intercom Solutions

March 24,2024  |  By admin

With a profound expertise spanning over 20 years in video intercom products, GVS has consistently delivered state-of-the-art functionality and unparalleled performance.



Boasting an open standard, robust inclusiveness, and flexible expansion capabilities, the S-series video intercom system products from GVS revolutionize communication. Leveraging the SIP protocol, our lineup includes indoor monitors, outdoor stations, mini outdoor stations, guard units, and a mobile app for remote operation. These products seamlessly support both point-to-point SIP intercom and cloud intercom through the SIP server, offering users a seamless communication experience. By harnessing the power of SIP protocol VDP technology, the GVS S-series video intercom system elevates security and functionality to new heights.



The H-series video intercom system employs the latest TCP/IP protocol network technology, facilitating full digital transmission, control, and integration. Its excellent compatibility ensures a seamless intelligent experience for end users.



The T-series video intercom system stands out for its straightforward installation, elegant design, stability, practicality, and user comfort. Its simplified wiring effectively resolves the challenges of complex and confusing internal system wiring, significantly reducing both construction time and wiring costs. With a straightforward configuration process, owners can effortlessly receive and install the system. Proven in the European market for its maturity and stability, this product offers a reliable and efficient communication solution.

At GVS, we continue to innovate and excel in the realm of video intercom, leveraging SIP protocol VDP technology to deliver advanced and secure solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

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