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Guard Unit SIA0110: The Smart Choice for Safeguarding Security

February 25,2024  |  By admin

With the continuous development of technology, security monitoring and protection equipment are also constantly upgrading. Guard Unit SIA0110, as a high-performance monitoring device, has become the preferred choice for many users to protect the security of their homes and businesses due to its excellent performance and diverse functions.

Guard Unit SIA0110.jpg 

Equipped with a 10.1-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280x800, Guard Unit SIA0110 provides users with a clear and detailed visual experience. At the same time, it also supports a one-click emergency unlocking feature, allowing users to quickly unlock the device and take timely action in emergency situations. Additionally, Guard Unit SIA0110 supports remote unlocking of outdoor stations and fence equipment, making it convenient for users to monitor security status anytime, anywhere.

Beyond its emergency unlocking capabilities, Guard Unit SIA0110 boasts powerful monitoring features. It can simultaneously monitor outdoor stations, fence equipment, and network cameras, ensuring users have a comprehensive understanding of security conditions. Whether for residential or commercial use, Guard Unit SIA0110 provides comprehensive security protection.

The parameter configuration of Guard Unit SIA0110 is also impressive. It supports DC 24V or 48V standard PoE power supply, with a static current of ≤210mA and a working current of ≤400mA. In terms of dimensions, it measures 210×356×31.8mm (excluding the handset and bracket), making it suitable for various installation scenarios. Additionally, Guard Unit SIA0110 can operate within a wide temperature range from -10℃ to +55℃.

When using Guard Unit SIA0110, users can also customize settings according to their individual needs. For example, they can adjust parameters such as call duration and monitoring duration to meet specific requirements in different scenarios. Furthermore, Guard Unit SIA0110 supports multiple languages, making it convenient for users from different countries and regions.

In summation, Guard Unit SIA0110 emerges as the intelligent choice for safeguarding the security of homes and businesses, thanks to its exceptional performance, diverse functionality, and flexible customization options. We believe that in the future, Guard Unit SIA0110 will continue to innovate and upgrade, providing users with an even more comprehensive security experience.

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