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KNX Secure, a state-of-the-art technology in smart home data security.

July 31,2023  |  By admin

Whats KNX Secure?

Created in 2015, KNX Secure is a message format distinct from the standard KNX message format.

It conforms to the international security algorithm standard ISO 18033-3 and meets the highest encryption standard AES 128 CCM

Passed VDE security certification (ID. 40054125 and ID. 40054126)

Smart Home Data Security

What is KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure?

KNX Data Secure effectively safeguards user data through encryption and authentication, regardless of the communication medium, to prevent unauthorized access and manipulation. This includes protecting against theft and tampering of configuration parameters during troubleshooting and operation.

KNX IP Secure provides an extra layer of protection for KNXnet/IP data traffic through the use of a security wrapper, even when communication is not secure and networks are connected to IP.

Smart Home Data Security

GVS Has Developed Its Own KNX Secure Protocol Stacks

In September 2021, GVS successfully obtained KNX protocol certification (KNX-0780-Secure) and continues to launch products that support KNX Secure. With this achievement, GVS now has three KNX protocol stacks, enabling the development of more feature-rich products with secure data transmission.

Smart Home Data Security

GVS Has Released 22 KNX Secure Products to Make Your Home Safer

Smart Home Data Security

How Do KNX Secure Products Safeguard The Security of Smart Buildings?

01. Each product is assigned a unique  Factory Device Set up Key (FDSK) to prevent external parties from implanting false information and stealing control. Access is restricted to authorized users only.

02. The AES-128CCM algorithm is used for the highly confidential distribution, storage, and encoding of the system's group address keys, which helps reduce the likelihood of attacks.

03. A sequence is sent to prevent replay attacks. The device only receives the latest communication messages and filters out outdated ones to prevent attacks that rely on copied past messages.

Smart Home Data Security

With A Low Learning Curve, Users Can Quickly Master The Application of KNX Secure Products.

·KNX Secure features can be enabled or disabled as needed, 

·Can be used with other KNX security devices or non-KNX security products. 

·Can be seamlessly integrated with existing KNX systems by using a unified configuration tool, eliminating the need for further learning.

When using non-KNX secure products in conjunction with secure products, there are two options.

Option one is to disable KNX secure features in ETS, which results in the device behaving like a non-KNX security device.

Option two is to share certain functional objects with non-KNX secure devices, which requires setting specific secure conditions for each corresponding group address.

Different security levels can be set for all functions in a KNX secure device, such as using KNX secure features for devices involving personal safety like doors or windows, while devices that do not affect personal safety can use non-encrypted communication.

How KNX Secure was Configured in ETS?

Smart Home Data Security

GVS understands the importance of data security in smart homes. That's why we offer three certified KNX protocol stacks and incorporate KNX Secure technology, which uses Data and IP Secure mechanisms, into our products and certifications.

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