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What GVS Brought to the 2020 SIBT?

October 14,2020  |  By admin

As the first and maybe the last intelligent building exhibition in 2020, Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology (known as SIBT) was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 2 to 4, September.


In this exhibition, with the theme of "intelligent life, boundless interconnection", combing with the current hot topics and market demands, GVS has brought there a couple of intelligent building solutions and new products for building automation, community management, metro intelligent lighting solution, smart hospital solution. Next let’s check in details to see what surprises GVS has brought to us during this year’s SIBT:  


SIBT 2020


01 Debut of Z10, the latest 10.1 KNX Smart Home Server


As one of GVS’ most important products in 2020, the 10.1 KNX Smart Home Server Z10 undoubtedly stands out during this exhibition. Compared with the traditional buttons and panels, Z10 can directly display the multi-layer floor plan and offer a very easy way to control the smart home functions, which greatly saved the time the user operating the smart home.


Z10 realizes the interconnection between the whole house intelligence and smart community, and fully integrates the functions of property payment, events reporting and repair service as well as the linkage of smart bracelet health management. Last but not least, except from the KNX functions, Z10 can also serve as a standard intercom indoor monitor with useful functions like video intercom, unlock, cloud intercom etc., the device definitely will be one of the best panel in 2020.

 the best panel in 2020


In addition, other KNX Smart touch panel also appeared in this exhibition – the V50 and V40.


Compared with the 10.1-inch screen of Gem Series 10.1 Smart Home Server, KNX Smart Touch applies KNX screen in smaller size. KNX Smart Touch V50 offered both vertical and horizontal version while Touch V40 gives an extraordinary experience with all KNX functions on a 4” Touch Panel. In a word, this series integrates multiple home control of lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc. to solve the intelligent control needs of the whole house through just one panel.


What makes this series international is the fact that both support 9 languages in default, as well as at least 4 kinds of national standard installation and up to 7 kinds.


02 Full empowerment of intelligent life from living to getting around


Due to the COVID-19 this year, people start to realize that smart security products and services, such as building intercom, contactless face access control and smart clicking elevator call, are constantly needed for especially residential communities. Observing the actual situation during the epidemic, GVS has sharply noted several cores needs of “smart community”: intelligent home, intelligent residential community security and intelligent life service, and continued to develop relevant products in this direction.


Being a senior manufacturer of intercoms for more than 20 years, GVS has established a full product range consisting of 2-wire intercom, IP video intercom systems with high-quality face recognition features.

 IP video intercom systems


By the end of 2019, metro transportation has been in operation in a total of 40 cities in China, with a total length of 6,882.13 kilometers, according to the data. It can be predicted that with the rapid development of China's metro industry and the scale expansion of infrastructure investment, the metro intelligent lighting will become another hot spot.


As one of the earliest KNX manufacturers in China, GVS is committed to the rapid development of intelligent building, especially in the field of metro intelligent lighting. The K-BUS intelligent control system provided by GVS can effectively improve the lighting experience and energy efficiency of the metro stations compared to the conventional controls, hence making these modern train stations safer, more energy-saving and more comfortable. Up till now, GVS has its metro automation map drawn in most major cities in China, including Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Meizhou, Guiyang, Foshan, Nanning, and there are more to come.


 K-BUS intelligent control system



03 From Smart patient ward to smart hospital, GVS can do.


This year, GVS also released solution for smart ward, the solution has included smart bedside station, ward door station, nursing station central display, nurse station answering machine and so on. GVS has integrated these screens with scattered nursing data and multiple information systems of the hospital to realize data interconnection and sharing within the medical system in the hospital. For example, patient information will be displayed in real time on the smart bedside station that enables the nursing staff to respond to any call for help timely through the answering machine, this will improve the patient experience hence improve the inpatient satisfaction.


smart hospital


GVS also provided the Inpatient Department with various system contents, such as the information exchange platform for medical staff and inpatients, infusion monitoring, mobile nursing, ward access panel and intelligent scene control, so as to improve the work efficiency of medical staff and patient satisfaction, and create more medical service value for the hospital.


Committed to providing solutions for improvement of people’s life, GVS has its faith to make our future much better, with a brand-new experience in your daily lives no matter where.

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