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Smart Hospital-Ji’nan Maternal And Child Healthcare Hospital

August 21,2020  |  By admin

Ji’nan Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital is a famous First-class Hospital at Grade Three for women and children ,the hospital is an integration for healthcare,scientific research and medical teaching,with its inpatient and out patient amount ranking first in Shandong Province.


In October 2018,it became the 1st smart hospital under help of GVS team by installing he very first Smart Pediatrics Ward in Shandong Province with a total number of 50+ patient rooms.


The smart ward has a variety of new functions such as visitor management,smart information display,smart clinical date collection system,and all functions are transmitted by different protocols like LoRa,BLE,RFiD WiFi and knx.As an excellent LoT service provider ,GVS successfully integrated all protocols and made the hospital as a smart and modern one.


smart hospital

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