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KNX Smart Touch V40
KNX Smart Touch V40
KNX Smart Touch V40
KNX Smart Touch V40

KNX Smart Touch V40

4" IPS touch panel, resolution 480*480, aluminum faceplate, built-in temperature sensor, vertical/horizontal version available. Full KNX functions of 15 control pages including lighting, shutter control, scene control, value sending, RGB, HVAC, floor heating, background music, energy metering, max.16 timing functions, 8 group event, 8 logic functions, weekly timer, icon customization by SD card. Fits in 86*86mm, German 60mm, Swiss/Australian /US standard wall boxes




   KNX Smart Touch V40  - Black


 KNX Smart Touch V40 - Gray


  • 4.0 inch color IPS,480x480 resolution,capacitive touch screen 

  • Up to 2 home pages and 15 function pages can be configed

  • Switching, dimming, blinds control and value send functions

  • HVAC,Air conditioner, Floor heating and Ventilation System control

  • RGB and RGBW dimming, and color temperature control

  • Backgroud Music control functions

  • Air quality and Energy display

  • Weekly timmer, Event Group functions, Logic functions

  • Password access, Panel block, and Screensaver

  • Proximity sense,screen brightness setting,Touch vibration feedback

  • Built-in temperature sensor

  • Colorful strip indication

  • Day/Night signal and summer time automatic adjustment

  • Support customized image resource replacement

  • Support long frame for ETS5(quick application download)

  • Bus voltage
    21-30V DC, Via KNX bus
  • Bus current
    3.5mA/24V DC, 3.0mA/30V DC
  • Bus consumption
  • Auxiliary voltage
    24-30V DC
  • Auxiliary current
    <130mA/24V DC, <105mA/30V DC
  • Auxiliary consumption
  • Temperature:
  • Operation
    –5°C ... +45°C
  • Storage
    –25°C ...+55°C
  • Transport
    –25°C ...+70°C
  • Humidity
    <93%,no condensation
  • Model
    CHTF-4.0/15.3.21(Black)、 CHTF-4.0/15.3.22(Silver)

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