villa outdoor station

  • Full-feature: able to realize switching, dimming, curtains, scenes, air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating, home theater, background music, air quality management and many other functions in a unified platform to achieve full house intelligence;

  • Multi-terminal: Users can control smart home systems through smart panels, touch screens, sensors, mobile terminals, etc.

  • Independence: Based on KNX technology, all devices can work independently, even if they do not affect each other;

  • Flexibility: Different function loops can select corresponding function modules according to the needs of use, which enhances the pertinence and professionalism of use;

  • Multiple choices: Users of each functional module are free to choose products from different brands, which increases the choice of richness and enhances the integrity and cost performance of the overall solution;

  • Customization: Different products and solutions can be selected for customized services according to different intelligent needs of each user;

  • Safety: The front-end switch panel is free of dry contact signals, no strong voltage output, so it is within the absolute safety range for human contact.


  • visual intercom

    Full digital HD video intercom, it can be used for customer visits, video intercom calls, unlocking, visitor video photos, messages, and smart home control functions, with multi-channel zone alarms, can be connected to the phone or IPAD via wireless network for intelligence Linkage control.
  • access control

    Access control can be carried out in important areas such as entrances and exits of houses, balconies, wine cellars, storage rooms, etc., and identity verification is carried out through fingerprints, ID cards, passwords, etc.
  • intelligent lighting

    With timing, dimming, scene experience function, multi-scene mode lighting management (illuminance and color), can be selected according to application needs, one-click to create energy-saving and multi-application lighting; automatic detection of personnel and light, automatically open and Turn off the lights.
  • smart home theater

    Home theaters use high-definition projection, multimedia players, audio and other equipment. It can be linked with lights and curtains, open the theater mode with one button, open the projector, put down the projection screen, dimming the lights, and close the curtains.
  • background music

    Multi-channel high-fidelity music system, you can play the music you like, anytime, anywhere, and you can adjust the volume at any time, you can also switch songs at any time, so that you can enjoy this music, no matter where you are at home.
  • smart curtain

    The operation of the curtain motor is turned on and off with the button switch, the smart panel and the intelligent terminal. The curtain can be combined with the linkage of the lighting system to automatically adjust the opening and closing of the curtain according to the actual light condition of the field control area, and perform intelligent dimming.
  • motion sensing

    In the entrance and exit of the room, the bathroom, etc., the lighting movement sensing control can realize the intelligent energy-saving effect that the person lights up and the lights go out.
  • security control

    It is composed of multi-channel special zone alarm or visual intercom self-defense zone alarm and access control management system. It implements functions such as full disarming, one-button arming, home defense, and home arming to effectively protect personnel and property.
  • video surveillance

    Multi-channel high-definition network video surveillance and video recording, providing 24-hour security guards, monitoring video can be managed through the network access community monitoring system, and can be viewed at any time through the smart phone APP.
  • wireless control

    No matter where we are in the room, we can use our mobile phone or tablet to control our air conditioner, TV, curtains, lighting, etc. with one button, which is convenient, fast and intelligent.
  • home appliance remote control and intelligent cont

    Through the universal learning infrared transmitter, the home TV, set-top box, home air conditioner and other equipment can be linked remotely, and can also be RS232 or RS485 interface communication protocol, or IP intelligent gateway, remote control through the system and the Internet.
  • air conditioning control

    The system automatically detects the temperature in the room, and can automatically adjust and control the running time and operation mode (cooling, heating, ventilation) of the air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity of the room. When the window is pushed open, the air conditioner is delayed.

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