Smart Medical Care

  • Deploy multi-platform universally compatible IoT infrastructure with less construction, no construction, less wiring, even no wiring.

  • Realize full coverage of IoT in LoRa Bluetooth in the ward.

  • Support ward special population positioning system(elderly patients, mental patients, infants)

  • Support the positioning of valuable medical equipment in ward

  • Wireless call setup nurse - patient direct connection

  • Nursing staff positioning path record management

  • Open platform supports third-party hardware seamless access to LoRa/BLE Internet of Things



  • Vital signs intake & output management system

    Real-time monitoring of infusion, blood transfusion and urine, according to the AI model, the patient\'s vital signs are alerted and alarmed.
  • Medical patient information interaction system

    Deeply integrate nursing business, solve the problem of information islands, and realize closed-loop management of nursing in full scene.
  • GPS

    The system can locate the monitoring personnel in real time and record the position information in the background. For various possible emergencies, the action trajectory of the relevant positioning personnel can be played back to help the manager effectively handle various events.
  • Navigation System

    The indoor 3D electronic navigation system can be operated on touch-AIO machine, as well as running on web-page terminals and other devices such as WeChat terminals, and a cross-platform multimedia interactive navigation system.
  • Building monitoring system

    The system supports the creation of new multi-scenario project management to realize the unified platform presentation of the remote data center. The management personnel no longer need to switch or log in to the new system to check the running status of the remote location
  • Intelligent electrical control

    Light/air conditioning and other electrical systems that can be controlled by the patient via wireless or bedside touch panel to monitor the air quality of the ward in real time and start the fresh air system as needed.
  • Full-plane touch-bed information system

    In a multimedia way, the patient\'s diagnosis and treatment plan and health education information are clearly presented, the workload of nursing staff is reduced, the one-click help and emergency contact function is integrated, and the three-way communication of medical care and disease is integrated, and the patient\'s hospitalization data is presented in real time.
  • Intelligent Call Bell 0 card system

    The nursing unit sets up the nursing call system and replaces the traditional bedside card with an electronic display. Patient information and treatment information are built in, which is convenient for the nursing department to check.

Programme value

  • Improve emergency response efficiency.

  • Improve nurse-patient relationship and satisfaction

  • reduce back and forth

  • reduce call time

  • reduce shift time

  • energy saving and carbon reduction

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