smart home apartment

  • Simple wiring / cost savings: The wiring method is based on the traditional strong electric wiring method, which greatly reduces the cost of communication and secondary deepening design.

  • Easy maintain: The after-sales maintenance is convenient, efficient, and low-cost. If the switch module fails, it can be directly replaced by the traditional switch pane.

  • Multi-style / easy to match: The dry contact input method increases the user's selectivity to the switch panel, and better matches the decorative style.

  • Easy recover: The product series integrated with the input and output terminals is convenient for construction and installation, and is also convenient for returning to the traditional control design in the later stage.


  • Intelligent lighting

    The intelligent lighting system automatically adjusts the illumination to the most comfortable state of the human body while turning on the light. Different lighting modes can be set in the living room, master bedroom and other areas according to various indoor conditions, and various scenes such as home, home, and night can be freely converted.
  • Curtain control

    Through the mobile APP or smart touch panel, you can automatically open the curtains and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. At the same time, the intelligent curtain control system can also be linked with the lighting equipment in the home to create a warm and intelligent life scene.
  • Constant temperature and humidity

    Through the air quality sensor, the temperature and humidity data of the house are detected, and the central air conditioner and the fresh air are automatically adjusted to adjust the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment to achieve the most livable living environment.

Programme value

  • Improve user comfort

  • Flexible control, scene switching

  • Energy saving, extend the use time of lamps, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the cost of living in apartments

  • Safety, weak electricity control, strong electricity, network integrated management

  • Efficient, easy system maintenance, seamless product connection

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