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  • Safety Care

    Various types of care equipment monitor the activity of the elderly and send it to children or caregivers to provide an independent and comfortable living environment for the elderly. In the event of a crisis, the smart retirement system is equipped with a one-button call for help. The call for help information will be fed back to the mobile terminal, mobile phone, computer and other mobile terminals through the system background, which is convenient for children and staff to detect and rescue in the first time.
  • intelligent positioning

    When the elderly go out, they can obtain the real-time location of the elderly at any time, prevent the elderly from being lost, or provide timely guidance for handling the alarm.
  • Comfortable environment

    Combined with GVS smart home control system, it provides more convenience and comfort for the elderly.
  • Family interaction / warm neighborhood

    It is convenient for the elderly to communicate with their children and friends. It is also convenient for caregivers or children to take care of the elderly and make the elderly\'s later life more beautiful and warm. Between the communities, the neighborhood provides unlimited joy to protect the physical and mental health of the elderly.
  • Health management

    Can be connected to third-party devices or third-party cloud health data, including: ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen, blood sugar, weight and BMI, body temperature, heart rate, lung function parameters, establish community health files, and users can quickly view in a variety of ways. The health data of the third-party health collection device can be sent to the extension through the cloud, as well as the child mobile APP.
  • Hardware and software system customization

    Respond to a wide range of markets and sectors with a wide range of products. On the basis of customer customization, we provide our customers with a first-class home care system. From initial consultation and later technical support, customers can experience that GVS is a systematic solution that encompasses a full range of hardware and software.

Programme value

care technology

  • Provide call alarm and location management to facilitate children and staff to detect and rescue in the first time.

  • A variety of family, neighborhood interactive functions, to facilitate children's active care for the elderly, provide unlimited joy between the community, and protect the physical and mental health of the elderly;

  • Identify potential health hazards in a timely manner, develop, implement, and adjust intervention plans or treatments;

  • Manage the health of the elderly, guide the correct lifestyle, and improve their health;

  • This is a complete home care solution, not only with supporting intelligent hardware and software, but also with mature management.

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